Dear Friends,

I am extremely happy to welcome you at the 4th Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival – 2018 scheduled from 14th December to 16th December 2018 in the most culturally rich city of India, Kolkata.
We received overwhelming response from independent film maker fraternity from across the globe last year. We received more than 2300 entries from 116 countries on the five categories of the festival.
We will get a unique opportunity to present your films to a large section of people, mainly students & youths across India & the world to various towns, cities, educational institutions & different responsible forums. Our main aim to create mass awareness for nature & wildlife conservation to common people mainly students & youths. We are the only festival who arrange special shows for underprivileged children & spent a portion of the budget for their upliftment process in the form of education materials, medicines, clothes etc. This is the unique social face of the festival.
Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival is chosen as most popular people’s choice festival. Our facebook page followers cross one lac seventy five thousand already & moving on everyday.
We have introduced “TRAVELLING FESTIVAL” from last year. We already performed at NAGPUR, State – MAHARASHTRA in the month of January 2017 & at AGARTALA, State – TRIPURA in the month of February 2017. We received tremendous response in both the places & nearly 20,000 students from 40 schools participated in the travelling festival.
We have to provide arrangements to show films at different school auditoriums even, to accommodate more students as the capacity of official Venue was full.
We have introduced unique concept of “GREEN-BRIGADE” from 2016. We invite Write-up, drawings, poems or any creative regarding nature/wildlife/environment from students. We provide “GREEN-BRIGADE” Complimentary membership & ten plants to our green brigade members. We received tremendous response from thousands of students.
The Judging of films made by eminent personalities from different section of life. We acknowledge your creativity keeping high standards.

We look forward to receive your films & hope you would be the winner of Prestigious “DESHAM GOLDEN TIGER” award.
I am sure you will enjoy the festival in fullest & return with many sweet experience & memories.
Thank you very much & see you soon.
Festival Director
4th Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival-2018

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Reasons to submit to KIWEFF
 A legendary Venue in the most culturally rich City of India
 Unique Festival Experience: Nominated Indian and International Film Makers will be invited during the Festival and then accommodation in Kolkata will be arranged by the Festival Directorate for free. Intimation needed well in advance for making arrangements.
 KIWEFF has a tradition of travelling throughout the Country to reach more than 100K people within a year.
 KIWEFF successfully brought wildlife & environment films to the people living at the core of the forest.
Rules and Regulations of Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival 2018
Call for Entry Opens : 15th April, 2018
Early Bird Deadline : 15th June, 2018
Last Date of Submission : 15th August, 2018
1) Wildlife
2) Birds
3) Environment Conservation
4) Wildlife Conservation
5) Livelihoods
6) Use of alternative energy
7) Man-Animal Conflict
8) Infrastructure Development Destroy Ecology
9) Water
10) Global Warming
1.1 Festival Mission & Objective
The Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival, India which will take place for the Fourth time from December 14, 15 & 16, is now open for entries. The KIWEFF will strive to screen movies with a central focus on the natural world. We would like to invite both professional (established broadcasters, film or television production companies/distributors and independent filmmakers) and non-professional filmmakers from anywhere in the world to participate in the festival. Registration for the Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival is completely free. The festival and judgment of the competition will take place in Kolkata, India. The main focus & objective to organize this Festival to create mass awareness for protection of nature & wildlife among common citizens, particularly young generation/students to protect future world. This Festival gains immense popularity having nearly 2,00,000 followers from all over the world.
DESHAM is a secular not-for-profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1960. Since its inception, the organization has been working for all around socio-cultural development, Nature and Environmental Protection, Sports & Games Promotion, to protect the rights of Underprivileged Children & elderly persons through various interventions.
We voice the needs of all above mentioned subjects and directly impact the lives of many through our services every year.
We make aware society, national & local government regarding all our concerns to take an active role in the society.
1.3 Festival Dates
December 14, 15 & 16, 2018
1.4 Eligibility

1. All submissions must have to cover the themes specified in 1.10

2. Submission to the Festival is open to Feature Films, Short Film, Documentaries, Animated Films, Public Service Announcement created by Film Makers.

3. All the films Submitted by Film Makers to the Festival under Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, Animated Films categories and created after 1 January, 2013 will be included under Competition Section of the festival program. If any filmmaker wants the screening of his/her film which is completed before 2013, it will be accepted but will be excluded from the competition.

1.5 Film Formats
Film formats that can be presented for selection and exhibition for the Festival should be in MPEG 2 in a DVD disk (PAL or NTSC with Universal Code – region 0 encoded in a DVD disk) and only one film must be written on a DVD disk. Two copies of DVD disk containing one film must be submitted for judging.
Only the information such as Film title and Director’s name should be directly visible on the face of each DVD. Please DO NOT use small stickers on top of the regular DVD Stickers.
Please note that, presentation of other formats requires the authorization of the Festival. Without this authorization, the Festival retains the right to exclude a film.
1.6 Entry Fee
KIWEFF does not charge any entry fee for the festival.
1.7 Number of Submissions
Filmmakers may submit any number of films under the Festival’s Film Categories like Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, Animated Films and Public Service Announcement Film.
If you are submitting two or more films, they should be on separate DVD’s, with separate press kit CD.
For official selection of the festival program, only one film from each film category for each filmmaker will be allowed under the Competitive Sections of the festivals.
1.8 Festival Categories
a) Feature Film (More than 30 Minutes)
b) Short Film (Less than 30 Minutes)
c) Animation Film
d) Documentaries
e) Public Service Announcements (Less than 6 Minutes)
f) Student Film
SPECIAL NOTE FOR STUDENT FILM: The documentary or short film or any kind of films based on environment & wildlife conservation by a Student or group of students from any school or College/University in Domestic/International Level. All Student film submission requires scan copy of Student ID card with the submission.
SPECIAL NOTE FOR ANIMATION FILM: Animation film produced with traditional animation techniques, computer generated images (CGI) or other production methods highlighting concerns on environment and wildlife or promoting conservation efforts will be accepted. At least 40 per cent of the film should consist of animated sequences.
1.9 Participation
Participation in the KIWEFF 2018 implies acceptance of the Rules and Regulations by filmmakers, producers and their agents.
1.10 Theme
a) Wildlife
b) Birds
c) Environment Conservation
d) Wildlife Conservation
e) Livelihoods
f) Use of alternative energy
g) Man-Animal Conflict
h) Water
i) Infrastructure Development Destroy Ecology
j) Global Warming
2.1 Submission Method
a) Submission is accepted through our Submission Partners. Links are available at
Submission materials should be sent by submission partners/ordinary mail/Registered Post with Acknowledgement Due or courier. All postage costs and duties are to be borne by the sender.
2.2 Submission Deadlines
The deadline for submitting the films is 15th August, 2018. The films which will be submitted after the mentioned date will not be accepted by the Festival Authority.
2.3 Press Kit / Publicity Materials
Please include HIGH RESOLUTION photographs (JPEG, TIF or EPS formats). The following formats will be required for the press kit and Festival Directory
i) Production stills (4)
ii) Director’s photographs (2)
iii) Poster
iv) Movie Stills (2)
v) Press clippings, brochures, pamphlets
vi) A 20 seconds Trailer to be submitted with each film.
All the above to be sent by email or in a CD-ROM along with the duly filled form and other required enclosures.
2.4 Submission Materials
None of the above listed submission materials will be returned.
2.5 Selection
Festival programmers select and invite all films presented at the festival. Films selected for the KIWEFF, 2018 will be announced before the festival date on our website. Filmmakers selected to participate will be notified prior to this date. Nominated film list will be published on website and at our official Facebook page.
3.1 Participant’s obligation
Participation in the festival requires the unconditional adherence to its regulations as set our here.
3.2 Satellite Channel Exhibition
All the films selected under Competition Section of the Festival are requested to give absolute clearance for one time exhibition of their film in a Partnering Satellite Channel.
3.3 Catalogue materials
All contact persons of selected films will receive a request for catalogue materials upon confirming participation in the festival.
3.3.1 Required catalogue materials
In order to compile the Festival Catalogue for each selected film, the Festival must receive a duly completed entry form and press kit. The requested materials should be sent/submitted as soon as possible upon acceptance of the invitation. The Festival accepts no liability in the event that its publications reproduce inaccuracies in submitted materials.
3.3.2 Credits
In principle, the catalogue will include the following technical and artistic credits: original title, international title, country (ies) of production, year of production, premiere status, format, running time, director, production company, producer, sales company, print source, screenplay, cinematography, editing, production design, sound, music, principal cast.
3.3.3 Catalogue Writings
Catalogue writings are entirely at the discretion of the Festival.
3.4 Publicity Materials
The contact persons of the films participating in the Festival will receive a request from the Press office to send publicity materials. These materials will be used in Festival publications and for distribution to the press and festival guests. Each film should be submitted with a trailer of 20 seconds.
3.4.1 Excerpts
After official selection of a film, the Festival is qualified to use excerpts from the film, with a maximum of 3 minutes or a total duration of the excerpts not exceeding more than 10% of running time of the film, for promotional purposes both nationally and internationally. In the event that excerpts are not available, and it’s being understood that under no circumstances the entire print may be lent out, the Festival is qualified to copy, under its strict supervision, one or more excerpts from the film for promotional use prior to and during the Festival only.
3.4.2 Promotion
For promotion of the entire selection and of each selected film, the Festival website is allowed to use any photo or digital film clip (less than 3 minutes duration or the total duration of the excerpts not exceeding more than 10% of the film running time). The 20 second trailer of the film may be used for promotion.
3.5 Press Screenings
During the festival and in collaboration with the Program Department, the Film Office will organize press industry screenings for the films.
3.6 Programming
General scheduling and the timetabling of public screenings are entirely at the discretion of the Festival Management.
3.7 Subtitling
Selected films will be screened in their original version. In principle, if not with English dialogues, films must be subtitled in ENGLISH. Electronic subtitling system should not be used for any film.
In all Categories

Use of the Submission Materials:
Promotion : KIWEFF will promote the festival and its awards by featuring extracts from submission on radio, television and digital media throughout the world. KIWEFF reserves the right to use the extracts of all submissions in these promotional activities.
Screening : KIWEFF is entitled to screen the submitted productions to the public at non-profit events during and after the festival for an unlimited period of time.
Images : Entrants warrant that KIWEFF is entitled to use all the submitted images for promotional activity of the Festival throughout the world in different digital media for an unlimited period of time without making any payment for such usage.
Film Library : All submissions will be retained at KIWEFF Wild Film Library for educational and archival purposes. For such purposes KIWEFF does not pay any fees to entrants.
Editing : KIWEFF reserves the right to edit the information supplied by the Entrants for publication in the Festival Souvenir (For both Online & Printed version)

Judging Process:
There will be three rounds of Judging
Round A : In this round A KIWEFF Jury panel will decide whether the film covers all the entry guideline properly and the Film is based on the themes declared for KIWEFF current edition. Then the panel will shortlist the best movies and prepare a list of 150 films for the Round B.
Round B : In this round the Screening Committee will decide the Nomination. List of nominated films will be decided in this round.
Final Round : In this round the full bench of Judges with the Festival Director, Chairman – Festival Committee, Chief Advisor, Chairman-Screening Committee will decide the Films for Awards in different category.

Entry and participation of films implies unconditional acceptance of the regulations. On your DVD courier pack, please mention “For cultural purposes only and No commercial value”.
Submission Materials Checklist for each entry submission is: FILM ENTRY FORM, 2 DVD’S and 1 PRESS KIT CD, 20 Seconds Trailer of the Film.
All materials must be sent prepaid. Collect or C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) will not be accepted. KIWEFF will not assume responsibility or accept shipments incurring expenses for terminal charges, duties, taxes or custom brokerage.

Call for Entry Opens : 15th APRIL, 2018
Early Bird Deadline : 15th JUNE, 2018
Final Deadline : 15th AUGUST, 2018
Final Publication of Nominated Films : 15th OCTOBER, 2018
Festival Dates : 14, 15 & 16th DECEMBER, 2018
Prize Distribution Ceremony : 16th DECEMBER, 2018

Overall Rating
  • It was a inspiring film festival. It's special because it is related to the conservation of wildlife. Though there weren't accommodation arranged for the nominated film-makers by festival director which was supposed to be. But hope to see the further success of the festival.

    December 2017
  • Robert Henno

    It's a great honor for me to be selected and awarded in such a great festival. Communication is also excellent. I expect to submit my new films in the future.

    December 2017
  • Gal Ziv

    Thanks for the chance being part of this great festival.

    December 2017
  • The communication was great! Thank you for the opportunity.

    December 2017
  • Ajit Sawant

    Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival - India is an incredible film festival with great panels, an awesome selection of diverse films, solid networking.

    December 2016