The Kano Indigenous Languages of African Film Market & Festival (KILAF) is to promote films produced in indigenous languages of Africa while encouraging their cross-border sales especially amongst continental markets. And language being a vehicle of culture, will ride on the film medium platform to preserve, promote and sell African culture to the rest of the world. After all, in the globalized world of today ‘there is platform for every voice, content or shade of opinion.

Best student film
Best screenplay
Best director
Best picture
Best actor
Best actress
Best supporting actor (male)
Best supporting actor (female)
Best African Indigenous Language Film
Best editing
Best sound engineer
Best makeup
Best production design
Best social media content creator
Best cinematography
Best Short film

1. There will be 16 competitive categories in KILAF '23. Each category will have 3 nominations that a winner will emerge.
There will be 3 Lifetime Achievement Awards that will be given solely based on merit.
2. Film submission deadline is clearly spelt out in the call made for submission.
3. Each film submitted is entirely the copyright of the owner while the use of the film in competition for KILAF organizers to promote the event or screen during the festival is duly granted by the copyright owner.

Overall Rating
  • taiwo oduala

    Great event . It was well organized.
    And a huge success

    February 2023
  • KILAF was remarkable. Receiving 9 awards from 9 different categories was a huge honor. Thank you KILAF for the recognition, support and encouragement to independent filmmakers. Thank you for the most friendly hospitality and for the networking experience.

    December 2022
  • It was good to have won the best short film

    December 2022
  • I am honoured to be award the Best Documentary film at the 2022 edition of KILAF . I hope to return next year with another story

    December 2022