Welcome to Khem Animation Film Festival (KAFF) the newest addition to the Khem Comic Book Festival to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding creative talent we have within Animation, VFX and gaming industries. The Award's ceremony will take place on May 1, 2022

The Khem Comic Book Fest is an annual convention founded by comic book creator and educator Naseed Gifted in 2014 that features creators of comics, books, film, and other media with a focus on artists and characters of color. The goal of the event is to use comic books, animated films and popular culture to develop youth literacy and expression through S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics).

The KAFF mission is to promote public awareness of animation and the opportunities for minorities within the profession.

The KAFF is an independent event putting together an international competition of talented filmmakers and groundbreaking stories, from traditional hand drawing to the new century techniques of design.

Our passion for animated films stimulate from being raised in the 80's with Saturday Morning Cartoons, and we want to celebrate those who create them.

Best Animated Short
Best Film, 2D (Short)
Best Film, 3D (Short)
Best Sound
Best Music
Best Student Film (Short)
Best Story
Best Design
Best Animated Game Trailer

We accept all genres of animated films. Short Films must be 30 seconds minimum to 30 minutes maximum.

We like to have screenshots or images, and a poster of each film so we can promote you.

Any language accepted. If dialogues other than English: English subtitles are mandatory.
All short films under 30 minutes must submit to any category.

All entries are final. Multiple entries are allowed, with the same film or different films. Each entry comes with its submission fee.

If you are a student: please load your student ID into your submitter profile. The film credits must list the director(s) name(s) and the exact duration of the film, all included. By submitting your film, you are allowing the festival to screen the film, promote the film with the elements at our disposal, publish that information on our website, and to use the elements listed on your submission in any manner useful to run the festival. If you wish a correction is made on our listings or website, just ask for it. Your authorization may extend to our partnerships. Again, if you wish not to comply with some of our use of your material, just tell us. We're here to promote you. You must have all the necessary rights /permissions including music rights appearing in your film.

Specific requirements by category:

Best Animated Short
Any animation technique, any genre. Must be 30 seconds minimum to 30 minutes maximum.

Best Film 2D (Short)
A film using an animation technique where each frame is drawn by hand.
A film made by using any 2D animation software. Must be 30 seconds minimum to 30 minutes maximum.

Best Film 3D (Short)
A film made by using any 3D animation software. Must be 30 seconds minimum to 30 minutes maximum.

Best Sound

Best Music

Best Student Film (Short)
Any animation technique, any genre. Must submit a student ID and school name we can verify.

Best Story
This category rewards the story you tell, only. This way we can reward your originality, poetry, and storytelling.

Best Design
This category rewards the design of your film. This way we can reward your style, atmosphere, and technical talent.

Best Animated Game Trailer
This category is for submissions that have been as trailer for a video game, internet game or mobile game.
Trailers must be 30 seconds minimum to 30 minutes maximum.

Finalists in each category will have their films screened on the day of the festival.

Winners may have a link to their winning film featured on our website and shared on our social media pages.

Overall Rating
  • Emmet O'Brien

    Fantastic festival and I was delighted to be included. I love the fact that part of a comic con, it is so welcoming to genre work.
    Would heartily recommend!

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for being a part of the festival. We loved your project and look forward to viewing your next.

  • Joe Chang

    Wonderful film festival! Thank you for choosing my film.

    May 2021
  • The JOD Studio

    It was great and wonderful

    June 2019
    Response from festival:

    Looking forward to your new projects for 2020.

  • Fantastic opportunity! Great fest! Thanks for our Best Animated Game Trailer trophy!

    April 2019
  • Great Festival featuring an amazing selection of outstanding film. Great visibility, highly recommended!!!

    April 2019