Our film festival is held in a progressive urban church and is designed to provide a platform for films that expand storytelling about what it means to be human, how to bring justice, faith, hope, love and light to the world. Love can mean all types of love: family, romantic, love of a hobby, love of country, etc. Films about LGBTQ and disability issues are encouraged as well as films that feature diverse people of all types or no faith are encouraged.

Award laurels will be given to films in each category and be voted on by festival goers.

*Films may be submitted in multiple categories.
*Films in languages others than English should include English subtitles.
*Submitting to the festival grants us the right to show your film, to use your film information and stills in our publicity and to keep a DVD of accepted films in our archive.
*Films are downloaded for selection and for screening. Don't worry about submitting a DVD copy of your film.
*We will keep an archived DVD of all winning films and delete all other downloaded films.

Overall Rating
  • Ian Bellinger

    I submitted my short film to this festival last year. I paid the submission fee. I had no communication at all from the festival organisers. My film was apparently selected, although I had no communication to tell me this. Again, when my film won an award I had no notification from anyone. I only found out by chance that my film had received an award.

    May 2016