iREP is conceptualized to create a platform of awareness and expression for aspiring and practising filmmakers who are creating socially relevant documentary films to positively impact our world.

To fully engage an array of trans-cultural creativity, iREP will provide a forum for everyone’s ingenuity to be showcased without prejudice to style or subject. iREP celebrates the ever-expanding world of documentary films by inviting talents from across the globe to share ideas on trends and technological advancements in the format.

iREP is a documentary film genre-specific festival, we do not accept any other film genre apart from documentary.

iREP is a free attendance festival, we do not pay screening fees to filmmakers for films submitted to our festival.

Film(s) submitted must reflect the African experience i.e. the subject matter must address or celebrate issues in Africa

Films not shot in English language must have standard English language subtitles at the time submitted. Dialogue lists will not be accepted.

Film Entants must own the copyright of the film

A synopsis of the film (not more than 450 words) must be submitted.

A poster or frame grab from the film must be submitted.

Filmmakers must supply the following detail:
Film Title
Year of Production
Country of Production

Overall Rating
  • I was grateful to be selected by this festival. I like their direction.

    April 2020
  • James Amuta

    This is simply the best film festival for documentary filmmakers on the African continent. It was a cultural carnival. And celebrated some of the best minds in the film industry, with a special focus on documentary films. It’s great to have a festival such as this dedicated to the illustrious art of documentary filmmaking. Brilliant and very well organized

    October 2019
  • Not really bad, good one guys but also try more your communications.

    May 2019