ILFF is a 2-day art event and short film festival. At the same time, producers and directors from the industry will be invited and interviews will be held.

After the selected films are announced, three finalist films from each category will be determined and can be watched by the audience in physical screenings. Producers will also be notified of the nominations or honorable mentions that non-finalist films will receive.

Directors and their crews of finalist films may attend the festival and conduct Q&A. Those who do not have the opportunity to attend the festival can also send us a video in which they will make a short presentation about their short film. So you can connect with the audience at the festival!

Statement from Festival Directors:
Independent filmmakers work hard to publish their films on platforms, send them to festivals and deliver them to audiences around the world. We know this and we organize this festival with respect to the efforts given. Because making short films and going through those processes is always very difficult. We hope to see you and your beautiful films at the Indie Line Film Festival.

We, the Indie Line Film Festival, are quite young, excited and new here. Our mission and goal is to give filmmakers of all ages around the world the opportunity to express their art forms, to experience the power of cinema together. We believe that the power of movies comes heart and hard work. If you believe in your films, and most importantly, if you believe in yourself, you have the chance and opportunity to promote your films to many people, receive nominations, and of course, receive awards.

Welcome to ILFF!

Winning short films in each category will receive certificates.

Best Short Film
Best First Time Short Film
Best Short Documentary
Best Short Animation
Best Music Video
Best Short Thriller
Best Short Horror
Best Short Comedy
Best Short Action
Best Short Drama
Best Short Sci-Fi
Best Short Romance
Best Short Fantasy
Best Short Crime
Best Short Black & White Film
Best Short LGBTIQ+
Best Short Sport Film
Best Short Film (No Dialogue)
Best Short Experimental
Best Student Short Film
Best Short Turkish Film
Best Director
Best First Time Director - Short Film
Best Original Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Original Music
Best VFX
Best Sound Design
Best Production Design
Best Make-Up
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Trailer
Best Movie Poster
Best Photography

Welcome to ILFF, all of you! We respect you, your effort, the short films you produce and most importantly your contribution to world cinema. We are honored and proud to see people with creative minds and different artistic understandings among us at this festival. We have basic, simple and very clear rules for your short films to appear at the Indie Line Film Festival.

1. No matter which country the short films participate in, no matter what language is spoken, we strictly and only require English subtitles.

2. Three finalists from each category will receive the right to screen their films. An un-subtitled version of the finalist films will also be required for the physical screening of the event. Because during the screening days, Turkish subtitles will be provided to the films by the ILFF employees.

3. All short films must be maximum 20 minutes long, including the opening and closing credits.

4. For student short films, we may request a student certificate or student ID. Therefore, you are kindly requested to upload one of them to the FilmFreeway page or send it to us via e-mail.

5. Your short films don't have to have the original soundtack/music/song, but you are responsible for any copyright problems. The submitter owns all the rights to the short film.

6. Unfortunately, we do not refund entrance fees.

7. The decision of the festival selection committee will be final. We ask that you do not object to the awards or selections given. All short films will be treated with the same importance.

8. Films must have been completed after January 1, 2020.

9. We accept short films in all formats. But the video resolution should not be below 720p.

10. Short films shot by phone can only submit from that category. In other categories, only films shot by professional cameras will be accepted.

11. As long as it is related to your short film, you can submit from any film genre in our festival. You can enter as many categories as you want. There are no limitations.

12. You can submit with a maximum of two short films.

13. We do not accept films that depict or contain racism or any cruelty towards animals.

14. In the photography competition, we look for the most creative, surprising, natural and exciting photos. Professional camera is not mandatory as long as the image quality is high. Colors or effects should not be applied on it.

15. We can only accept short film applications submitted through FilmFreeway.

16. If you have any questions, you can contact us via e-mail.