Your recognition should be SOLELY based on how good your work is, but to be honest, it's not. There's so much politics and agendas, and personal ties in this industry.

The people who get accepted into the big festivals are so rarely the little guy/girl, and it's basically a circle jerk of only those who have a big name or star attached getting in.

You hate that, and I hate that. That's why this this is built by filmmakers, in fact, we just completed our first feature which premiered at TIFF Lightbox last year.

We don't discriminate in genre, in length, in anything asides from "How good is your god damned film?"

You already have a lot debt and a lot of disappointments as an indie. Maybe you get accepted at a festival that shows your work some where in some guy's basement, but does that really matter in the end?

What about getting screened at the "BIG SCREEN", having your name on the Marquee?

When will making your short actually translate to MAKING IT in the business?

We're filmmakers too here at indiefilmTO which is why we've designed this from the ground up for filmmakers who are ready to take that next step.

indiefilmTO Festival was founded in 2015, and screened at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) Bell Lightbox, since we know how important the VENUE is to filmmakers.

Be we don't stop there. We invite industry producers and Executive producers to come to the screening, to mingle, so you get a chance to get your film in front of the eyes of those who matter.

This year, we will be screened at Innis Town Hall Theatre in the heart of downtown Toronto (2 Sussex Ave.) in October 2018. The exact date is not pinned down yet.

If you want your name on that marquee, and want to stop going more and more into debt, waking up and wondering when will this Groundhog Day circle of making-films-and-going-nowhere to end, then submit to indiefilmTO Festival.

*indiefilmTO is a non-profit based in Toronto founded by filmmakers, which seeks to help grow the indie film scene in Toronto.


(1) The following terms and conditions (the “Terms”) govern the submission of film (the “Film”) to indiefilmTO Festival Inc. (“indiefilmTO Festival”), through (FilmFreeway) for consideration for the 2018 indiefilmTO Festival (the “Festival”). To the extent that this document is inconsistent with any other document prepared by indiefilmTO or anyone else, this document will take precedence. Any questions about these Terms should be directed to


(1) By submitting a Film to indiefilmTO for Festival consideration, the submitter (the “Applicant”) represents that he or she has obtained consent from any and all owners, creators, writers, producers and/or other authorized representatives of the Film whose consent is required to submit the Film to indiefilmTO (the “Film Owners”) and screen the Film at the Festival, and has read, understood and agreed to the Terms.
(2) indiefilmTO may disqualify or reject, but is not required to do so, any submission that it determines in its sole and absolute discretion, is not in compliance, in whole or in part, with these Terms, and may do so without refunding any or all submission fees paid by the Applicant or returning the Applicant’s DVD or Blu-ray submission.


(1) Films submitted to indiefilmTO for Festival consideration under these Terms must be submitted in one of the categories set out below.
(2) Films that do not meet the eligibility requirements for any of the below categories should not be submitted and will not be considered by indiefilmTO.
(4) Submission categories:

Category Eligibility requirements

Feature Film (whether Narrative / Documentary / Experimental)
Feature films with runtimes of 50 minutes or longer.

Short Film (whether Narrative / Documentary / Experimental)
Short films with runtimes of 49 minutes or less.

(6) indiefilmTO will accept submissions that have already premiered in North America, but the film’s premiere status will be taken into consideration when final programming decisions are made.
(7) A Film will not be eligible for consideration and should not be submitted if:
a. the Film was completed prior to October 1, 2016
(8) All Feature Films and Short Films as ONLINE SCREENERS via FilmFreeway

Submission Procedure
(1) All Films submitted under these Terms must be submitted in accordance with the procedure outlined herein. indiefilmTO may, but is not required to, disqualify or reject any Film that is not submitted in this way.
(2) To submit a Film for Festival consideration, an Applicant must: (a) complete the registration process at FilmFreeway and pay the required fee as outlined in article V.(2) below, and (b) provide to indiefilmTO an ONLINE SCREENER via FilmFreeway (for both Feature and Short Films) for review by indiefilmTO programming staff. indiefilmTO does not accept submissions in any other manner or format.
(5) indiefilmTO will not review multiple versions of a submitted Film. Only one version of the Film may be submitted. If multiple versions are submitted, indiefilmTO will view only the version that was received first.