Reimagine Church presents - iPhone film Festival in Hollywood! Participation is open to anyone to submit a short film or video (5-15 minutes) shot on phones (any type) around the theme “Leap of Faith.” Films can be any genre (documentary, comedy, drama, spoken word, music videos, TED talks, etc.), and film/video makers of all skill levels are encouraged to submit their work.
Films/videos will be judged according to three criteria: creativity/originality, emotional or intellectual impact, and best depictions of real life/practical spirituality. All faith backgrounds are welcome!

Join us for a special info Zoom call 3/8/23 at 7 PM PST. Link:

Grand Prize = $2000
Jury Prize = $1000
Audience Prize (three will be given) = $500

Entry deadline is March 15, 2023 -- finished films must be submitted by 5 PM, March 30. There is no entry fee.

All films must be in English, or subtitled in English, and shot exclusively on phones.