Submission entries are closed except for deadline waivers.

More details can be found on our festival website ( or on Eventbrite.

In 2022, iHollywood Film Fest will be making history again! The festival will be in real life with live screeenings, opening night and closing night parties and awards. All films selected to be screened in person may also be screened virtually. Film that are screened virtually may or may not be screened in person.

Thanks to everyone for being part of our inaugural festival and Hollywood experience. Gifting suite, red carpet, films and more films, networking, panels and games plus an after party. To see images and press visit

iHollywood Film Fest was the 1st film festival to award NFTs and is proud member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Entertainment, Arts & Media plus Tourism committees. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is the awarding organization of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the historic Hollywood sign.

Hollywood is the land of dreams. We seek to set a standard of inspired creativity in storytelling. discover and educate the best of diverse and emerging storytellers and showcase to the world.

We are proud to create an event to encourage creativity, diversity and inspire filmmakers from around the world with access to networking, and workshops with talent, distribution, and film finance.

Laurels will be given to finalists, official selections and winners.

Opening night party, live screenings and a walk into the metaverse awards dinner.

Winning feature films and episodics are eligible for a distribution contract through our network of film distributors.

Awards are for each of the categories:
Best Feature Film
Best Documentary
Best Female Feature Film
Best Student Film
Best Digital Series
COVID-19 Created Mini Movie Special
Best Mini Movie
Best Mini Movie Documentary
Best Mini Movie Animation
Best Mini Movie Arts & Fashion
Best Mini Movie Children
Best Mini Movie Diversity
Best Mini Movie Documentary
Best Mini Movie Female Film
Best Mini Movie Microbudget
Best Mini Movie Music
Best Mini Movie Nature & Animals
Best Mini Movie Student
Best Podcast - Fiction
Best Podcast - Narrative Nonfiction


Best Director
Best Director - Mini Movie
Best Producer
Best Producer - Mini Movie
Best Actor
Best Actor - Mini Movie
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actor - Mini Movie
Best Actress
Best Actress -Mini Movie
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actress - Mini Movie
Best Photographer (Honor in memory of celebrity red carpet photographer Guillermo Proano)
Digital Guru

The films will be selected by a jury.

Contact iHollywood Film Fest for sponsorship, partnerships, volunteering and screening details.

Submissions are accepted through FilmFreeway only.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

Submissions must be the intellectual property of the submitter and/or their team.

iHollywood Film Fest will not be held responsible for any claims stemming from the failure of the creator/submitter to properly obtain the rights to material submitted and/or screened.

Multiple category submissions are allowed per film and per festival.

You will be notified by or on the notification date if your submission has been selected as a semi-finalist.

Only selected submissions qualify to be part of the live screenings. Semi-finalist submissions do not qualify for live screenings. These submissions are pre-selected by judges and will be notified if they qualify for a screening as the programming progresses.

Being an Official Selection does not guarantee screening of your film.

If your film is selected, you will receive further instructions on how to submit a screening copy and all of the materials needed for the screening. If you fail to deliver the materials by the specified deadline, we can not guarantee the screening as part of the festival.

Entries that are not in English should be dubbed in English.

All decisions made by the iHollywood Film Fest are final.

By participating in the iHollywood Film Fest you agree to hold the iHollywood Film Fest and its employees, directors and representatives harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind in connection with the event or resulting from acceptance, possessions or use of any prize.

By participating, you grant the iHollywood Film Fest or International Hollywood Film Festival the right to use the name, logo and content of your submission for awards presentation, highlight reels and promotional material.

iHollywood Film Fest reserves the right to amend guidelines, selection criteria, screening and activities.

COVID Policy
iHollywood Film Fest is working closely with public health officials on the safe execution of the Festival. It's number one priority being the health and well-being of both Festival film-goers and the residents of the entire community.

iHollywood Film Fest will continue to monitor and communicate to our film-making community all developments on the pandemic and will adhere to the guidelines and recommendations made by government health officials. Guests invited to the Festival for any in-person events understand that they must follow the health and safety instructions directed by the government and facilitated by iHollywood Film Fest and must disclose if they have been experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19, for the safety of all iHollywood Film Fest guests, staff and patrons.

iHollywood Film Fest will not be held responsible for actions that result in harm due to attendees failing to comply with these guidelines during their activities at the Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Dear negative reviewers,

    I am leaving a review because I would like to point out a very important detail about the iHollywood Film Fest. The iHollywood Film Fest is on a circuit of festivals that actually cares about the film makers themselves and their team of active supporters are always working to make it better.

    I have seen a few poor reviews here and have come to realise some of the reviewers themselves need to be To be frank, not all films are great, but creating them is what makes you better and iHollywood Film Fest rewards those that go for it!
    They bring you serious industry professionals to panels to teach you the very things you might need to make your next project even better.

    So, in conclusion... please realise you are participating in a new festival that is learning as they go just like you. They might be just starting out in the big world of festivals, but they are off to a great start and catching up fast. It will be well worth your time to get involved with them now, because I am sure they are going to be big, and fast; which will make them the help you reviewers are looking for sooner than you know it.

    If you can't beat them (and you can't at caring), join them!

    Keeping it real,

    MYC Agnew - "The Gentleman Warrior"
    METROPOLITANsociety film & music mix
    MYC Consulting / DYR Management /
    Liquid LYT Productions 3108779488
    Indi-Film & Ultra-Low Budget Expert

    June 2022

  • I have been making and editing short movies for just over 2 years. I have won awards, a couple at major Festivals.

    It was a pleasure being part of the IHOLLYWOOD Film Festival. Having my project screened in the heart of Tinsletown was more than I'd expected & I found IHOLLYWOOD more enthusiastic about movies than other Festivals I've partaken.

    IHOLLYWOOD is more than just a Festival; its linked with key players, namely top Actors, Directors, Producers, Script Consultants/writers, Stunt Coordinators, all proactive within the industry.

    Being part of IHOLLYWOOD I've had the honour of participating in ZOOM meetings with an 'NYPD Blues' Star and a Legendary Director who tragically lost her life during the production of a major movie. All quite informal, yet true.

    I'm honoured to have met and interacted with these creative Artists. I couldn't have had this wonderful experience anywhere else but the IHOLLYWOOD Film Festival.

    The last 3 years have been a challenge for everyone.
    IHOLLYWOOD Director Joyce Chow devised a series of talks called 'Shooting Through Covid '. These lectures boosted our morale at a time we needed it most. Many thanks, Joyce, for giving us inspiration and turning a negative into a positive.

    The next few years will be interesting? Tastes in entertainment are changing, as has the economic environment in which the industry operates.
    The talented, friendly team at IHOLLYWOOD are always available . Above all, I found IHOLLYWOOD a most interactive experience.

    Thanks again, IHOLLYWOOD. I look forward to submitting future projects.

    June 2022
  • Great film festival with amazing people! Glad to have been a part of it!

    June 2022
  • James Pratt

    Terrific festival - well run with many big industry names attending the closing awards.

    June 2022
  • Katherine Matheson

    Never happened! Notification of acceptance was both withdrawn and confirmed in two practically simultaneous, separate emails. Very disorganized and acceptance notification was sent with festival literally days away. Hope they get it together next year. I was disappointed.

    August 2021