Here Kyiv Short Fest is an international and independent short film festival. Three days of visual delight at the end of summer. Our festival presents short films featuring any kind of human pleasure. We don't set any limits, you choose a sphere of happiness yourself. Tell us about everything that excites you, that makes your dopamine go up. We don't ask filmmakers to define their films by genres. Just submit your work to a category that matches the timing of your hedonistic short film, and we will take it from there.
The organizers select several films for the show within the festival and form the program. However, our jury are the spectators who vote for the films they liked.

The film, which gets the most votes, wins the Audience Award - the symbolic prize (Long Short: $100, Short, Extra Short, Music video: 50$).

International and independent short film festival “Here Kyiv Short Fest" (hereinafter as “festival”) will be held in Kyiv during the period of August 29-31, 2021.
1. The Festival is held in following stages:
1.1. Registration of persons providing audiovisual works (hereinafter as “film”) for participation in the
Festival (hereinafter as “Applicants”) by submitting an application on the Festival's web-site
1.2. Qualifying films for publishing on the festival website
1.3. Announcement of the results of qualification and publishing of films on the Festival's web-site
1.4. Broadcasting films on the Festival's web-site
1.5. Broadcasting films outside the festival website (offline) in the place and time determined by
the Organizer during the festival, if the Organizer has the appropriate opportunity.
1.6. Announcement of the winner of the Audience Choice Award.
2. Registration (application) is free of charge.
By registering, the Applicant agrees to the storage and processing of his personal data, in the amount and
purposes necessary for the organization of the Festival and related purposes, in accordance with the Law of
Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection".
3. Requirements to films submitted by Applicants:
3.1. Only the films produced during or after 2019 are eligible.
3.2. English subtitles (.srt format) must be provided for all films.
3.3. Technical standards (good-quality sound, video resolution higher than 720p HD) must be observed.
3.4. All links to films and teasers must be available for viewing and downloading until August 31, 2021.
4. The organizer accepts or rejects applications at its discretion. The organizer is not obliged to explain the
reasons for refusal.
5. The films, selected for show within the festival, will be uploaded on Festival's website and available for
public viewing and voting during 3 days (August 29-30, 2021). The film, which gets the most votes, will be
highlighted and advertised on the platform.
6. By submitting the film Applicants grants the Оrganizer the right to use video excerpts, fragments, stills
and screenshots from the film in any advertising and promotional materials, including press releases, festival
website, social networks and other platforms by public announcement, public demonstration. The use of the
provided materials will be carried out during the preparation and holding of the festival, taking according to
specifics of the global network Internet. Such use by the Organizer will not infringe the Applicant's
intellectual property rights.
7. Guarantees:
7.1. By submitting a film, the Applicant guarantees that he is authorized to provide the film for screening,
and such submission does not violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties and understands and
accepts these Rules.
7.2. By submitting the film, the Applicant declares that he/she/it is an authorized representative, that is,
that showing or other use of the film by the festival does not infringe the rights of third parties (e.g.
copyright, trademark or individual rights), and that the rights for any material produced by others (music,
video, photographs, text, etc.), and all similar materials used in the film.
7.3. By submitting a film, the Applicant warrants that the rights to the film submitted by him are free
from claims by any third parties. In the event of a conflict / dispute, any claims by third parties regarding the
publication of the film or its use by the Festival, including those related to intellectual property rights
(copyright and related rights) The Applicant obligated to resolve all claims / disputes independently and at
his own expense, without the involvement of the Organizer. The Applicant is obliged to reimburse all
damages caused to the Organizer by the improper fulfilment of the guarantees ensured by the Applicant.

Overall Rating
  • I loved being a part of HKSF's festival. There was an incredible selection of films, and I was able to enjoy it all from my home. Their team has been lovely to work with as well!

    September 2020
  • Isaac Fisher

    A fantastic event and a genuinely great set of short films. Can't wait for next year!

    September 2020
  • varsha panikar

    It was an absolute delight to have our film be a part of HKSF's line up of some amazing pieces of work. :)

    September 2020
  • It was great to participate at this young fresh enthusiastic festival ! The team is absolutely supernice and professional.
    I wish I could be there !!

    September 2020
  • Antonio Aleixo

    great film experience in this era of social distancing! ;)

    September 2020