What is required to list my festival on FilmFreeway?

In order to maintain the integrity of FilmFreeway as the world's leading resource for legitimate, high quality film festivals and creative contests, we do have certain requirements in order for your event to have a Public Listing in our directory.

Please read carefully:

We require that all events with Public Listings on FilmFreeway have their own real websites (not simply a Facebook page) with detailed information about their events before we can publish. (If you do not have a website, we can provide your event with a Non-Public Listing.) Your website and FilmFreeway listing should contain information about the venue for your event and outline the structure of your festival, including the anticipated events and what filmmakers will experience.

If your festival is a first-year event, we will need to see proof of that you have secured a venue for your event, i.e., name of festival venue(s), venue contact information, and a copy of the contract or other proof that you have secured the venue(s).

If your festival has occurred in years prior, we will need to see photos, press articles or other reasonable proof of your past events/screenings on your website or social media channels. Photos from past events should also be added to your FilmFreeway listing.

If your festival is listed as a 'Film Festival with Live Screenings,' your festival must hold a film festival at a physical venue with screenings in front of a live audience on the Event Date listed in your FilmFreeway listing. It is not permissible to hold multiple call for entries on FilmFreeway but only organize an actual live festival once during the year. You must hold an actual festival for each call for entries season you host on FilmFreeway.

We no longer allow online-only festivals to be publicly listed in our directory. Instead, your event will be published on FilmFreeway as a Non-Public Listing. This simply means that only people with your event URL can see your event on FilmFreeway. Your event will not appear in FilmFreeway’s search results. However, you can still fully utilize FilmFreeway to accept submissions and manage your event. Simply share your festival listing URL or link to your listing from your website or elsewhere to direct people to submit to your event on FilmFreeway.

Do not attempt to list your event as a 'Film Festival with Live Screenings' unless your event is an actual film festival with film screenings that takes place at a physical venue in front of a live audience.

Finally, all events undergo a subjective overall quality review for submitter value before we allow an event to have a Public Listing in our directory. Factors that we consider include, but are not limited to the quality of your website, the thoroughness and quality of the written information and content contained in your website, the quality of your venue and photography of past events, branding, written communications with submitters, and social media content. We are unable to provide specific feedback regarding quality reviews.

In some cases, for brand-new or less established events, based on the judgment of our team and for the protection of our community, we may elect to hold a portion of your entry fee income (typically the first $500) as a form of security deposit until after your first event occurs. You do not need to send or pay us any money for this deposit. Once your festival takes place, just send us photos from your event so we can verify that it did in fact occur and we will immediately credit these funds back to your account.

FilmFreeway has a zero tolerance policy for false information. If you include any false or misleading information in your festival's listing, including photographs, your festival and all related accounts will be immediately and permanently banned from the site. Please read our Deactivation Policy.

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