Golden Jury Film Academy (Golden Jury) is an international film festival designed in Mumbai for international filmmakers who would like to present their creative work with an understanding that it is submitted to a jury comprising of Producers, Actor, Cinematographers, filmmakers, independent scriptwriters besides include alumni of FTI, NSD, New York Film Academy and many more. As Golden Jury is organized to promote and collaborate with new and established filmmakers from various genres, we’ve kept the entry fee reasonable.

Golden Jury is currently headquartered in Bollywood, Mumbai, India although our International judging panel and support partners are scattered across the globe. The festival runs every month. All monthly selections and winners will be notified at the end of the respective month or the beginning of next month. Once a year, we will organize the Annual Golden Jury Festival Event where we will screen the best of the final selected as per Golden Jury Procedure out of submissions from every month (except the Feature Film Category; their trailers, etc will be screened throughout during the Event) in a theatrical projector based presentation.

You are welcome to submit your current project(s) in multiple categories classified as "Films" based on duration (qualifies to compete for film and crew awards), "Actors" (qualifies to compete for cast/performer awards), and "Screenplay/Script" (qualifies to compete for screenplay/script awards).

Golden Jury has discontinued Cash Reward effective from the festival due since 2021 due to covid Specific conditions but shall honor our filmmaker with a trophy, Momento, Certificate, Laurell, and Fees waiver code for the upcoming film festivals continuously for 5 years. We post winner details on our website and normally this is updated on the Wikipedia page of the Golden Jury by the contributors.

In case the page of your film, film director, writer, actor, or any crew members is available on Wikipedia, please submit the Wikipedia page link so that information can be submitted accordingly to the media house.

Winners of Golden Jury International Film Festival, 2023

Categories in Feature:

Best Feature Film: Samanantar (Directed by: Niraj Kumar Mishra)
Best Feature Film(Jury Mention): Dewa (Directed by: Rabi Sankar Rath)
Best Feature Film(Jury Mention): Pratikshya (Directed by: Anupam Patanaik)
Best Feature Film(Jury Mention): Kripya Dhyaan dein (Directed by: Neeraj Bhasin)
Best Director: Yashpal Sharma (Film: Dada Lakhmi)
Best Debut Director: Mir Sarwar (Film: Bed No. 17)
Best Actor (Male): Brijendra Kala (Film: Kripya Dhyaan Dein)
Best Actor (Male): Rishi Bhutani (Film: Bed no. 17)
Best Actor (Female): Tejaswini Kolhapure (Zindagi Kashmakash)
Best Actor (Female): Deepika Singh (Film: Titu Ambani)
Best LGBT Film: RSVP (Please Respond) Directed by: Ismet Kurtulus, Kaan Arici

Categories in Short:

Best Short Film: Ghost Walk (Directed by: Ananth Narayan Mahadevan)
Best Story: To the lighthouse (Directed by: Bai Han)
Best Actor (Male): Atul Shrivastav (Film: Kala Jamun)
Best Actor (Male): Piyush Mishra (Film: Rare)
Best Actor (Female): Malishka Mendonsa (Film: Parde Mein Rehne Do)
Best Director: Swanand Santram Wagh (Film: Kav Kav)
Best Cinematography: Sarfraz Ali Hasan Khan (Film: Pind Daan)
Best Film on Social Issue: Mirha 96 (Mohmmad Saeed R Shaikh)
Best Animated Film: Off-Camera (Directed by: Vishal TM)
Best LGBT Film: Bi The Way (Director: Prerna Saraff Chauhan)
Best Student Short Film: GHUNGHAT (Directed by: Neel Phadnis)
Best Student Short Film: Novem (Directed: Srusti Mangaraj)
Best Mobile Short Film: Abinavin Appa (Director: Shankalai)

Categories in Documentary:

Best Documentary Film (Jury Mention): Ancient Secrets and Modern Science (Directed by: Abshar Ahmad)
Best Documentary Film: The Victims of Sundarbans (Directed by: Dilip Ghosh)

Categories in Music:

Best Music Composer : Naman Anand, Ashutosh Bharadwaj (Mere Shiva)

Winners of Golden Jury International Film Festival, 2022

Categories in Feature:
Best Feature Film: #VIRAL WORLD (Directed by: BRIJESH TANGI)
Best Director: Pawan Kumar Sharma (Vanrakshak)
Best Debut Director: Raakesh Rawat (Midnight Delhi)
Best Actor (Male): Mukesh Bhatt (Midnight Delhi)
Best Actor (Female): Shikha Chauhan (Nimmo Lucknow Wali)
Best Music: Yug Bhusal, Arjun Tondon (Nimmo Lucknow Wali)

Categories in Short:
Best Short Film: DOBYA (Directed by: Ashutosh Jare)
Best Story: Rashmi Somvanshi(Nazariya- The Perspective)
Best Actor (Male): Karan Wahi (Sambhram - Never Odd or Even)
Best Actor (Male): Vikram Kochhar (Dammy)
Best Actor (Female): Barkha Bisht Sengupta (Zibah)
Best Director: Ashwwin Kaushal (Meet Mr. Chang)
Best Debut Director: Kriti Nagar (Behrupiya)
Best Cinematography: Faraz Alam (Between the lines)
Special Jury Mention: Unfaithful (Directed by: NIRAV BRAHMBHATT)
Best Film on Social Issue: Zibah (Directed by: Arunjit Borah)
Best Animated Film: Bright Future (Directed by: Darko Antic)
Best LGBT Film: T (Directed by: Jitesh Kumar Parida)
Best Student Short Film: Shamsaan (Directed by: Ankit Baghel)
Best Foreign Film: Purple Case (Directed by: David Sarian, Kostya Yezagelian)

Categories in Documentary:
Best Documentary Film: Neither a girl Nor a woman (Directed by: Anjali Patil)

Categories in Music:
Best Music Video: Rangrejiya (Drishyam Play) (Director: Rahul Mallik, Producer: Vaniki Tyagi)

Winners of Golden Jury International Film Festival, 2021

Categories in Feature:
Best Feature Film: The Incomplete Tale of Satyaprakash Paramkovid (Directed by: Saurabh Shukla)
Best Story: Tabernacle 101 Premium (Directed by: Colm O'Murchu)
Best Director: Faraz Haider (Mere Desh Ki Dharti)
Best Actor (Male): Divyenndu Sharma (Mere Desh Ki Dharti)
Best Actor (Female): Sonia Malhar (Neeravam- Silence)
Best Film on Social Issue: Crushed Wings (Directed by: Lalit Bhusal)

Categories in Short:
Best Short Film: Chippipaarai (Directed by: Praveen Giri)
Best Story: The Bait (Directed by: Gaurav Khati)
Best Actor (Female): Sae Barve (Kali Pili)
Best Actor (Male): M. K. Raina (Exchange Offer)
Best Director: Rak Avatar, Sanjeev Verma (Dvaita)
Best Cinematography: Ramani Ranjan Das (Gajra)
Best Editing: ENIGMA - The Fallen Angel (Ajinkya Kale, Abhay Thakur, Niraj Valsangkar)
Special Jury Mention: The Breakfast (Directed by: Varunagini)
Best Film on Social Issue: अब-NORMAL (Directed by: Samrat Parmar)
Best Animated Film: Another's View of the Universe (Directed by: Ebba Jahn)
Best LGBT Film: PATT…The Sound (Directed by: Manish Uppal)

Categories Mobile Film Making:
Best Film: Ye Shaam Mastaani - This Enchanting Evening (Directed by: Sangeeta Agrawal )
Best Music Video: I bow to thee O Mother (Directed by: Aashish Rego)

Categories in Documentary:
Best Documentary Film: The Iron Lady of Kashmir (Directed by: Suresh K Goswami)
Best Documentary on raising Issue: Before I Die (Directed by: Nakul Dev)
Best Director: The Beast of Our Time: Climate Change & Grizzly Bears (Directed by: Maaike Middleton)
Special Jury Mention: One Day with Doctor Sergio (Directed by: Roxanne (Oxana) Phoenix (Kriss))
Special Jury Mention: Bamboo Ballads (Directed by: Sajeed Naduthody)

Categories in Script/screenplay :
Best script: END OF DAYS - SHORT (Written by: Danny Alex)

Categories in Photography :
Best Photography: If I was a Hummingbird (Cynthia Bergen)

Winners of Golden Jury International Film Festival, 2020

Categories in Feature:
Best Feature Film: Cold Calm
Best Story: Neon Sea
Best Director: A Spoonful Of Stardust
Best Actor (Female): Rinkal Kachhap (Dhumkkudiya)
Best Actor (Male): Paul Noonan (First Signal)
Best Film on Social Issue: Bridge

Categories in Short:
Best Short Film : Hitlerin kadaisi ninaivugal (Hitler's last memories)
Best Story: Kukli
Best Actor (Female): Jeaux Bartley (The Quite shore)
Best Actor (Female): Pallavi Joshi (Painful Pride)
Best Actor (Male): Dev Fauzdar (Raani)
Best Director: Rebel
Best Background Score: A New Leash On Life
Best Cinematography: Luke Fletcher (Hubert)
Best Animated Film: The Open Window
Best Film on Social Issue: The Breakfast School
Best Film on Social Issue: This is My Country
Special Jury Mention: Qaadir

Categories in Documentary:
Best Documentary Film: The Boro.
Best in raising Issue: Kook
Best Director: Rochak Sahu (A Bohemian Musician)
Special Jury Mention: Diagnosing Healthcare

Categories in Script/screenplay :
Best script: An Incident In A Small Town

Categories in Photography :
Best Photography: The Note



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Overall Rating
  • Great communication throughout, very respectful to the filmmakers. Highly recommend!

    January 2024
  • Dr. Jagmohan Sangha

    Thank you for awarding our short film DRIED APRICOTS Great communication. Had a wonderful experience. Look forward to be associated in future too.

    December 2023
  • Thank you for this wonderful opportunity

    December 2023
  • Thanks for selecting "Enter the Room" into your festival!

    December 2023

    Wonderful warm presence of people in this very exciting festival for us independent filmmakers in the heart of Mumbai. Big thanks to Mr Das the festival director and his busy team, this was fabulous. I look forward to staying in touch and submitting my upcoming work which I produce. Wish you all the luck from the team of Joon and me.

    December 2023