This film festival event, which started as the 'Sinchon Image Festival' in 2020, will start anew by changing its name to the 'Goyang Moving Image Festival' from 2023.


The best entries will be selected and the award ceremony will be held once a year. The goal of the Goyang moving Image Festival is to introduce competitive works.

The festival team prefers films of 30 minutes or less that emphasize image-telling more than story-telling.

We welcome filmmakers, writers and image professionals who want to share their art.

'신촌이미지페스티벌'이 이름을 변경하여 2023년부터 ' 고양무빙이미지페스티벌'로 새롭게 시작됩니다. 국내 유일의 '이미지텔링 중심 단편영화제' 고양무빙이미지페스티벌에 많은 관심 부탁 드립니다.

1. Film Festival winners will be announced on the official website and film festival Instagram on 13 November 2023, Korean time.

2. The schedule is as follows.

4rd Annual Goyang Moving Image festival

11 November 2023, Goyang Oulim Nuri, Oulim Cinema
12 November 2023, Kintex by K-Tree Hotel monoplex Cinema


The 4th Goyang Moving Image Festival offers the following awards categories.

• Grand Prix Film: ₩700,000 cash prize from Sinchon Image Platform.
• Best Super Short Film: ₩300,000 cash prize from Sinchon Image Platform.
• Best Short Film: ₩300,000 cash prize from Sinchon Image Platform.
• Best Animation Film: ₩300,000 cash prize from Sinchon Image Platform.

*제4회 고양무빙이미지페스티벌
2023년 11월 11~12일, 고양 어울림 영화관 & 고양 케이트리호텔 모노플렉스

• 대상: 상금 700,000원 (중복수상가능)
• 단편영화상: 상금 300,000원
• 초단편영화상: 상금 300,000원
• 단편 애니메이션상: 상금 300,000원

수상자는 2023년 11월 13일 공식 웹사이트를 통해 발표됩니다.

Below, you’ll confirm the rules and terms that you accept when submitting films, videos and other materials to our festival.

* Submissions General rule,
1.1 Video submissions should be in Korean or English subtitles. Korean works can be submitted without subtitles.

1.2 Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted. A separate submission and a separate entry fee must accompany each entry.

1.3 The entry fee is free of charge for the film school students.
(Note. High school films cannot be submitted.)

1.4 Films can only be submitted through our submitting platforms and must be available to view through such platforms.

1.5. We accept works of any country in the world produced from January 1st, 2022 onwards.

* Categories
2.1 All films must be submitted in a digital format in the correct category respecting its length:
• Super Short Film (documentary, narrative, experimental): up to 5 minutes
• Short Film (documentary, narrative, experimental): up to 30 minutes
• Short Animation: up to 30 minutes
• Grand Prix Of the Year (All submitted films & Images compete in this category with no extra fee)

3.1 Submission fees
- All required fields through Online platform
- Entry fees must be paid through our submitting platforms at the time of submission and they are non-refundable

3.2 Best Image of the Year (All submitted films compete in this category with no extra fee)

* Official Selection • Awards
4.1 GOYANG MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL selection committee and juries decision are final, the status of submissions will be disclosed through our submitting platforms and it is the submitter’s full responsibility to track the status of their submission.

4.2 All winners will be given a GOYANG MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL certificate of award.

4.3 GOYANG MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL does not offer feedback on the films & images submitted nor the jury's decision.

* Liability
5.1 GOYANG MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL does NOT publish films or images on its website or social media channels.

5.2 GOYANG MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL may use your film or images frames, trailer and press pack material for promotional purposes on its website or social media.

5.3 The releases for all content including, but not limited to, music and talent must be obtained by the filmmaker.

5.4 GOYANG MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL is not liable for any copyright infringement or unauthorised usage.

5.5 By submitting a film or images, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless GOYANG MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

5.6 GOYANG MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL reserves the right to make any changes in the festival configuration without prior notice if it is necessary.

* Disqualification
6.1 All Films or images submitted in the incorrect category are automatically disqualified.

6.2 Failure to meet the eligibility requirements will lead to disqualification.

6.3 Disqualification will not entitle a submitter to a refund of the entry fee.

6.4 If you withdraw your film from the festival, we will not be liable to refund any entry fee.

* Acceptance of the bases
7.1 Participation in the GOYANG MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL implies acceptance of these rules.

Overall Rating
  • choong young kim

    It's a really good and full-fledged film festival. I was able to meet good programs and movies.
    Great staff welcomed me. I hope I can participate again next time!

    November 2022
  • Hop Production

    A rising festival with passionate team ! I really enjoyed communicating with this festival.

    December 2020