Film Market Only

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Sales End October 27, 2023

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The virtual film marketplace will usher you into a central hub. Here, you'll find individual lounges designated for each executive attending the event. To initiate a meeting, simply select the lounge of the executive you'd like to connect with. When it's your moment, you'll be whisked away to their virtual office.

You have 4 minutes to present your pitch. If an executive is intrigued, they have the option to prolong the session. Use this window to showcase your trailer, discuss your concept, or captivate them with your charisma. Ultimately, the way you utilize this one-on-one interaction is in your hands.

Film Exhibition

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Sales End January 12, 2024

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The Global Film Exhibition 2024 is an incredible virtual gathering of filmmakers and cinephiles from around the world. Experience the artistry, storytelling, and diverse cultures through a curated selection of films, representing the best from every continent. Participate in Filmmaker meetups and film workshops.