Get It Made [GIM] is a short film program that produces 3-5 page scripts, helping foster the next generation of filmmakers & storytellers by offering a professional film production experience with industry pros and top brands.

GIM is a community for screenwriters and filmmakers and is one of the only production-based programs available, giving winners and entrants an unparalleled stepping stone to their future in the entertainment industry standard quality film!

If you are a serious screenwriter, filmmaker or simply love telling stories, and want to see you work produced at the highest quality standards, GIM is the program for you.

The goal of GIM is to provide an opportunity for budding writers and content creators to see their work produced at the highest quality, connecting them directly to the industry standard process of filmmaking. Each season, GIM will select a grand prize-winning script and provide all the necessary resources and funds to see it through production, editing and final delivery.

GIM teams up with today’s top influencers, raising the project’s profile above and beyond. This season of our program will feature Hollywood's Top Networker, Erman Baradi, will be directed by veteran feature filmmaker, Mark Robinson and will be consulted by Jaime Paglia, the co-creator of Eureka and co-showrunner for Scream.

GIM is proud to announce partnership from cutting edge film companies, Atlas Lens Co., Chroma Color, DJI, Maccam Studio Lighting Specialists, Set Scouter, Teradek, & Zoom as its premiere production equipment, services and facilities providers for this season's film.

Prizes & Benefits: Quality film, Personalized Feedback, On-set Experience and more - everyone wins with Get It Made

Grand Prize Winner:
Absurd Hero Productions, alongside our partners, will produce your Grand Prize Winning short, consulting you throughout all aspects of the project - from casting & crewing up to shooting & editing. You will get the opportunity to be on a professionally managed film set.

Upon completion of your short film, you will receive writers' credit on IMDb and copies of the final product for your reel / portfolio.

Runner-Up Prizes:
- 5x Paid Production Assistant Positions in the following departments: Camera, Set Lighting, Sound, Production, and Art Department

5x Writers will be invited to join the production, each receiving $50 per diem and an up-close and personal look into the GIM filmmaking process.

All Entrants Eligible for Raffle Prizes & Receive Personalized Feedback:
- Free Entry Waivers
- Surprise gift from our Partners
- 1x Director Shadowing Experience...
- One-on-One Meeting with guest show-runner
- Script Consultation
- And more...

3-5 Page Short-Form Screenplays. Keep it contained. One location. No explosions or spaceships. For complete FAQ's, RULES and more information visit -

Overall Rating
  • Graham Currin

    Little biased since I won, but it was an amazing experience. You're always told that to stand out from other writers you should "make something." Well that's what this is. Plus I was surprised how much it informed my writing process after. HIGHLY recommend.

    April 2019
  • It was such a delight to see my short actually come to fruition! The actors and crew were phenomenal and I loved being a part of the process from start to finish. Would definitely recommend this competition!

    August 2018
  • Matt Boda and Absurd Hero Productions are a superb production company. Professional and easy to work with, they make the complicated process of filmmaking understandable and digestible. They brought my script to vivid life beyond even what I had been seeing in my head. Boda’s going to go far because he’s smart, open-minded, easygoing and a true collaborator. It was almost magical working with this prod co. because it was such a smooth, seamless experience. Truly 5 stars in every category.

    April 2018
  • Enjoyed the festival- loved the feedback and exposure my script received.

    April 2018
  • Alicia Norman

    this is a fun contest with a lot to offer. Via the contents notes, I was able to hone my script and received production consideration from two companies. That said, I was supposed to get a SKYPE meeting after Otherling made the finals in the first contest but never received one. That's cool, and it doesn't take away from the good aspects of GET IT MADE, just kinda wondered what happened.

    April 2018