Get It Made is an annual production-based screenwriting competition that provides opportunities for aspiring screenwriters worldwide to see their work produced at the highest level.

Last Season’s winning script “Across the Lake” by Cote Bellard was selected by David Sullivan, who starred opposite Will Arnett in the Netflix Original Series, Flaked. David was also in Argo, directed by Ben Affleck, the FX Original Series, Justified, and HBO's Sharp Objects, just to name a few… David is slated to direct “Across the Lake” and the film is gearing up to shoot in February 2022.

At Get It Made, we pair aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers with Industry Professionals to create Proof of Concept films. Our annual script competition helps foster the next generation of filmmakers & storytellers by offering a professional film production experience with working industry professionals and top brands. We help writers package their projects, whether it’s a full-length screenplay or TV pilot script, everything is made ready for sale to buyers and studios.

This season, the winning script will be selected and Directed by Giovani Lampassi. Giovani is known for his outstanding director of photography work on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, “Veronica Mars”, and “Maple Worth Murders” as well as his Cinematography and Directing for ABC/Hulu’s “Home Economics” with Topher Grace, Caitlin McGee and Jimmy Tatro.

We’re super excited for Giovani to be directing the next winning project!

Do you have a feature or TV pilot? Choose a scene or pages from your full-length feature film script or TV pilot that best showcases what your story is about. Submit 6 Pages. Keep it contained. One location. No explosions or spaceships.

For complete FAQ's, RULES, and more information visit -

Unlike traditional screenplay contests, every winning script is ushered through script development, production, and final delivery. We’ll work with you to finalize your Proof of Concept script (if you don’t already have one written).

Our Proof of Concept script development is supported by an extensive network of creative relationships and championed by professional cinematographers, directors, set designers, sound recordists, actors, and all other key departments.

This professional collaborative process is what makes the quality of every film production industry standard. All production uses professional-grade camera systems, lighting equipment, and editing suites.

We are here to help you get produced. Happy Writing!

Learn more at GETITMADE.LA

GIM is proud to partner with cutting-edge film companies, Atlas Lens Co., Maccam Studio Lighting Specialists, Set Scouter & Teradek, as our premiere production equipment, services, and facilities providers.

Looking for more?

Check out Get It Made X for screenwriters and filmmakers. One of the only production-based platforms available, giving screenwriters an unparalleled stepping stone to their future in the entertainment industry.

Visit GETITMADE.LA/GIMX for eligibility and program details.

Grand Prize Winner:
Absurd Hero Productions will produce the Grand Prize Winning script, consulting the screenwriter throughout all aspects of the project - from casting & crewing up to shooting & editing. Winning screenwriter will get the opportunity to be on a professionally managed film set.

Upon completion of the PoC film, winning screenwriter will receive writers' credit on IMDb and copies of the final product for reel / portfolio purposes.

Runner-Up Prizes:
- 5x Paid Production Assistant Positions in the following departments: Camera, Set Lighting, Sound, Production, and Art Department

5x Writers will be invited to join the production, each receiving $50 per diem and an up-close and personal look into the GIM filmmaking process.

All Entrants Eligible for Raffle Prizes & Receive Personalized Feedback:
- Free Entry Waivers
- Surprise gift from our Partners
- 1x Director Shadowing Experience...
- One-on-One Meeting with guest show-runner
- Script Consultation
- And more...

Chose a scene or pages from your full length feature film script or TV pilot that best showcases what your story is about. You must have a full length feature film or TV pilot script in order to be considered for PoC production.

6 Page Short-Form Screenplays. Keep it contained. One location. No explosions or spaceships. For complete FAQ's, RULES and more information visit -

Overall Rating
  • Suzanne LUTAS

    I've always received quality comments from Get it Made judges that helped me hone my work. I eventually made their 2021 POC Annual Contest as a Finalist. I can only recommend this festival and will keep submitting my projects to them.

    April 2022
  • Jason Tomalia

    Love Get It Made. The process, the access, the feedback. It's a solid festival.
    The Get It Made X community beyond this is great too.

    April 2022
  • The Get It Made staff are very helpful and knowledgable. I found their comments very helpful.

    April 2022
  • Joe Leone

    I would like to thank the Get It Made Screenwriting Contest for the recognition of (short screenplay) Farm Club. It is much appreciated!

    April 2022
  • I was pleased to finish as a semi-finalist this year. The notes/feedback provided was very helpful and I will definitely enter again with my next feature.

    Hospitality and Networking are not rated as there was no in person aspect of the festival. FilmFreeway you need a way to mote not applicable on your rating system.

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Melissa. We make the winning film for this competition. We have an in-person festival in LA every year in November. Look up Get It Made Film Festival. Hope to see you there next year!