The Georgia Comedy Film Festival is where filmmakers, television producers and screenwriters can showcase their creative work in Atlanta, Georgia. All types of comedy content is featured including Romantic Comedy, Dark Comedy, Sketch Comedy, Mockumentary, Funny Music Videos, Series Episodes, TV Pilots, Screenplays, Teleplays and more. This is a live screening event with a fun networking event. Get involved!

This event started in Reno, Nevada and has found a new home in Atlanta, Georgia. The tradition of screening comedy short films will continue at the historic Plaza Theatre.

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Our panel of 12 judges will give out 34 different awards:


1) Best Acting Performance
2) Best Animated Film
3) Best Cinematography
4) Best Comedy Film
5) Best Comedy Micro Film
6) Best Comedy Series Episode
7) Best Dark Comedy Film
8) Best Director
9) Best Editing
10) Best Ensemble Cast
11) Best Georgia Film
12) Best Horror Comedy Film
13) Best International Director
14) Best International Film
15) Best Mockumentary Film
16) Best Romantic Comedy
17) Best Sketch Comedy
18) Funniest Music Video
19) Most Original Concept

Screenplays & Teleplays:

1) Best Comedy Feature Screenplay Award
2) Best Comedy Short Screenplay Award
3) Best Comedy Series Teleplay Award
4) Best Dark Comedy Feature Screenplay Award
5) Best Dark Comedy Short Screenplay
6) Best Georgia Screenplay Award
7) Best Horror Comedy Screenplay Short Award
8) Best Horror Comedy Feature Screenplay Award
9) Best International Feature Screenplay Award
10) Best International Short Screenplay Award
11) Best Romantic Comedy Feature Screenplay Award
12) Best Romantic Comedy Short Screenplay Award

All films are eligible, regardless if they have distribution or not. All films are eligible even if they have been accepted to other film festivals. All films and videos are eligible, regardless of when or where they were produced. Even if your film, series episode or music video that is publicly available on YouTube or Vimeo, it is still eligible for submission.

For exhibition purposes all films screen in 2k or 4k DCP format. Stereo or 5.1 audio are accepted for screening purposes. The Theater Screen will be draped for an aspect ratio of 2.39:1 Scope and will give filmmakers the best visual experience in the theater. 1.85:1 Flat is compatible as well. Please keep in mind that DCP projectors are designed to screen at 24 fps and will give the viewer the best visual experience.

The submission fee does not include an event ticket fee if selected. Submission fees and event ticket fees are separate. The cost of attending this event is $38 for the entire day. Every attendee must have a ticket. There are no filmmaker passes.

The judges read and rate scripts for this specific competition only. Submitting to this film festival does not affect the ownership or copyright your screenplay or teleplay.

Overall Rating
  • Fantastic fest based in the deep dirty South.

    May 2023
  • Carlos Perez

    I was unable to attend the festival in person due to surgery, but I was in constant communication, and I found those in charge to be excellent communicators, friendly, supportive, and helpful. I also got lucky enough to win in my category, which was a wonderful plus as well! These are good people!

    April 2023
  • I'm deeply honored to have my screenplay Forever People win best romantic comedy feature at the Georgia Comedy Film Festival! Really wish I could've made it to the event but I look forward to submitting again and joining in on the fun. Communication with the festival director Mikel was efficient and helpful, and with all the categories they offer, there's plenty of avenues for your work to be recognized and to network with other creatives. Thank you!

    April 2023
  • Jessica W Chen

    I had a great time at the Georgia Comedy Film Festival! Not only was it great getting to know the city of Atlanta, but the films were of great quality and there were opportunities to meet some amazing filmmakers. Only wish there would be an afterparty for even more mingling, but maybe that can be something for next year! Thank you for having us!

    December 2022
  • Bob Eckhard

    Great festival and glad to be involved/part of it

    December 2022