The Sea of Galilee Film Festival - Nature and road movies film festival is based on promoting values of freedom, tolerance and respect for nature and man.
Our mission is to make the festival a cultural attraction not only for residents of the
region, but also for lovers of nature around the world. To do so we are spotlighting distinguished films and selected artists, celebrating the cultural diversity and bringing joy and love to the environment. The festival takes place at Bet Gabriel and its surroundings, in a beautiful area on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. screening the films in this unique location makes it a cinematic center in the heart of nature.
The Festival presents films of artistic significance that will celebrate nature and enrich
our understanding of the processes taking place in it. The festival reveals new voices from around the world, including master workshops, hikes and Tours in the area. The festival, beyond being exciting and entertaining, also creates new ideas, breaks boundaries, brings closer and strengthens the connection of viewers and the community to nature.

best films will be shown on the big screen during the festival and will compete for the COMPETITION 2 main prizes.

we invite travelers and travel enthusiasts from all over the world to submit documentary travel films of up to 15 minutes to the competition. We are looking for travel films which were created both by professionals and by enthusiasts, we will help to get them across to the audience. All films must have English subtitles.