Frames is a film festival in Sweden showcasing the talent of Portuguese filmmakers, through a carefully curated selection of films. The purpose of Frames is to deepen the dialogue between Swedish audience and the Portuguese community using contemporary film.

The winning director/producer will be awarded a monetary prize of 500€.

Some people defend that there are only two emotions in the world: love and fear. Considering the visible effects of fear in our contemporary world, it seems imperative to counterpose it with its polar opposite. This year's edition of Frames - Portuguese Film Festival aims at redefining, rethinking and questioning the aesthetics and narratives of love. Frames Love Stories proposes a foray into the representations and dynamics of affection today.

To make love visible - in all its different shapes - is an urgent political gesture.

The admission criteria for this year’s Frames Shorts:

- The director or producer of the film is Portuguese, or the film was shot in Portugal;
- A love story of any variety is depicted in the foreground of the movie;
- It has a maximum length of 45 minutes;
- It has been produced between 2018 and 2019.

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