Created in 2014 in Yaoundé, Cameroon, the First Short-Festival Panafricain de films école de Yaoundé is an international festival rooted in the landscape and cultural practices of the city of Yaoundé.

This event is organized by the CINEVISION Association with the support of the Ministry of Arts and Culture and many international and local partners.

The festival takes place every year in April and mainly in the fortnight of that month. The dates therefore vary from year to year.

First Short lasts about ten days, taking into account the preludes. Festive launch at the Sita Bella Hall, and at the CRTV's Institute for Training and Conservation of Audiovisual Heritage, the University of Yaoundé I and in several districts of the city of Yaoundé.

Several meetings are organized during the festival. These include previews, special sessions with students and amateurs, professional meetings, climbing and descending stairs, awards, exhibitions of works of art conference-debate, guided tours and training workshops.

The first short is distinguished by the variety of its screening sites: in schools, neighbourhoods, and a conventional room.

1.The‘’Stylod’or ‘’This has to do with the best shortfictionfilm.
2.The‘’Stylo d’or ‘’of thedocumentary This is the best short documentary
3.The «Stylo d’or» of theactorThis has to do with the best actor’s award.
4.Le ‘’Stylo d’or’’ of the actressThis is the best actress award.
5.The « Stylo D’or de la meilleure école »This has to do with the best film school
6.The «Le Stylo d’or»of the best scriptIt is the best script of the competition.
7.The ‘’Stylo d’or de l’espoir’’This has to do with the best filmwhichdoesn’t belong to any schoolfilm and is screened during the festival.
8.The «Stylo d’or»of the foreignfilm This has to do with the best foreign film i.e. not African and it’s screened during the festival.
9.The special prize of thejuryThe jury rewards a film for its special features.
10.The «Stylo d’Honneur»It’s a price awarded to an African filmmaker for all the merit he deserves in his career.


Article 1:

The film’s director must be a student or must have completed his/her studies in an audiovisual/Filmschool/Academy. If any, young directors who do not belong to any audiovisual /Film school will compete under the “stylo d’or de l’espoir”category.

Article 2 : He/she can compete in several categories of the festival.

Article 3 : Films that were realised in an academic context are welcome but they shouldn’t have been realised for a class.

Article 4 : The film’s duration must not exceed 30 minutes (credits included).

Article 5 : Films that have been submitted for this 7th edition should have been produced from January 2016 till now.

Article 6 : Directors whose films will be selected, will receive a feedback through a mail and/or telephone.

Article 7 : A film is eligible for several prizes.

Article 8 : Participants should always have the original copy of their films since the festival doesn’t give them back.

Article 9 : To be eligible for the competition, the film’s director should have properly filled the registration form and sent it back with 2 DVD of the film and a registration’s proof from an audiovisual/ film school/academy before January, 25th 2020.

Paragraph 1: Each and every Cameroonian Director should have his/her film’s screen certificate, if not, he/she can go straight to the Ministry of Arts and Culture or his different delegations so as to begin with the procedure.

Paragraph 2 : For foreign participants, the film’s screen certificate is highly recommended but not compulsory.

Paragraph 3 : once the official list of films is published, cameroonian directors who do not have any Screening Visa, will pay 2000 fcfa (06 euros) which will serve as expenses for this purpose.

Article 10 : Films that are sent to the festival should not have any political, racial, pornographic, violent, anti-Semiticand advertising content.


Article 1 : Only the festival’s Organising committee is qualified for the selection of films.

Article 2 : The duration of films in official competition must not exceed 30 minutes (credits included).

Article 3 : The deadline for receiving copies of films is January, 25th 2020. The Organizing committee won’t receive any film after the date.

Article 4 :Films that are selected for the official competition can’t be disqualified from it.