The Filmingo International Short Film Festival is Mumbai's prestigious short film event organized by Prayog Malad. A Filmingo, we aim to undertake something innovative and worthwhile in the field of Short Films. The festival's programming is unique in a way that it promotes and inspires new talent, provides them with a platform to showcase their talent, and helps them reach a global audience for their work. Filmingo 2020 will be the fifth successful year of the festival and will take place entirely online.

Scheduled for January 2021, the Filmingo Short Film Festival will showcase some of the best Short Films for our audience. Along with the screening of the best participating short films selected by our Jury Panel, the Festival will also be screening select International Short Films from around the world as well as short films by Indian directors from the Indian Archives at Cannes.

— Best Short Film Awards —
✪ Golden Filmingo Award — ₹30,000 + Trophy + Certificate
✪ Silver Filmingo Award — ₹20,000 + Trophy + Certificate

— Performance Awards —
· Best Performance (Male) — ₹5,000 each + Trophy + Certificate
· Best Performance (Female) — ₹5,000 each + Trophy + Certificate

— Technical Awards —
· Best Direction — ₹10,000 each + Trophy + Certificate
· Best Cinematography — ₹5,000 each + Trophy + Certificate
· Best Editing — ₹5,000 each + Trophy + Certificate
· Best Sound Design — ₹5,000 each + Trophy + Certificate
· Best Script — ₹5,000 each + Trophy + Certificate
· Viewer's Choice — ₹10,000 each + Trophy + Certificate

That's not all

Filmingo also offers participants an opportunity to showcase their labor of love right at the Cannes Film Festival 2020. Five winning short films will be awarded a "Special Award' and sent by Filmingo's organizers to the Short Film Corner of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

***Rules and Regulations — Filmingo International Short Film Festival***

— Entries for Filmingo International Short Film Festival are open for everyone. Participants under the legal age must submit a consent letter from their parent or guardian.
— The total runtime of the Short Film, including opening & closing credits, should strictly be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes.
— Only short films that were made after January 1st, 2019 are eligible for the festival.
— The short film can be in any language. However, all films must include sub-titles in English.
— All content used in the short film must be either owned or licensed. If any copyrighted material is used in the film, the participant must have the permission and submit a copy to the Festival Organizers.
— The Last Date of the Submission is 25th November, 2020. Late Deadline will be 5th December, 2020.
— Short films must be made available for download to the festival organizers.
— The Entry Fee is $12 per film.
— Multiple entries from the same participant are accepted, but entry for each film must be submitted separately.
— The Short Film can be based on any subject or concept. However, note that we are currently not accepting Animated and/or Documentary films.
— Prayog Malad and the Festival Organizers reserve the rights to copy or use the material submitted by the participants in any form, online or offline, for the festival’s promotional and archival purposes.
— The short films that are selected for final screening will not be allowed to withdraw under any circumstances until festival is over.
— Judges’ decision will be final and binding.
— Festival Organizers and PRAYOG MALAD reserve the right to change / modify / alter any rule or its part or event of this competition any time.

Overall Rating
  • Good Thanks for this festival

    October 2021
  • Jacquile Kambo

    Great festival, good communication and very helpful! They have a diverse collection of great works by many artists, which we do not see often. We need more festivals like it! :)

    January 2020
  • Fui seleccionado con el cortometraje "Fuggiro Tanto Amore". A pesar de que no pude ir a la India, la comunicación fue en todo momento fluida, rápida y perfecta, manteniéndome actualizado en todo momento.

    January 2020
  • Pranav D Kothary

    Unfortunately I couldn't go, but my representatives who did were pleased by the hospitality and professionalism. It's too bad that not a lot of people attended, because otherwise it's a great experience!

    January 2020
  • Mehmet Tığlı

    It’s a great honor to be a part of this amazing festival. I recommend it to all international filmmakers.

    January 2020