Since 2014, FILMFORT has been showcasing the very best in independent cinema. Send us your latest work and come kick it in BOISE, IDAHO — MARCH 23-27, 2022!

We love all kinds of films, but if you dig through our archives you’ll notice we gravitate toward story-driven cinema: fiction and nonfiction shorts and features that push the boundaries of form and genre. Stylistically, our selections cover the gamut: polished, gritty, ethereal or DIY. All fair game. Make us laugh, cry, feel squeamish, get pissed... MAKE US FEEL THINGS!


PLEASE NOTE that Filmfort typically does not accept, screen, preview, and/or program films that have been playing festivals for more than one year. Once in a blue moon we will make exceptions. Please be mindful of our festival dates and READ THE RULES & TERMS BELOW for more info.

Lastly, please note that by submitting your films here — they may also be considered and/or included in our radical new quarterly screening series: MICRODOSE.



"Idaho's Treefort is better than the mega-festivals."

"Treefort is certainly a music festival, featuring an incomprehensible 460 bands, but it's also nine other festivals: Comedyfort, Filmfort, Hackfort, Yogafort, Storyfort, Alefort, Foodfort, Kidfort and Skatefort."

"There is a different category of festival that Treefort Music Fest in Boise falls into. It’s the type that takes over a whole town, utilizing every venue space it can find to book bands both big and small."

"In Boise, there’s a club you want to belong to. It’s a club that loves music and the all of the arts, celebrates the Pacific Northwest homegrown passion and gathers each year for Treefort Music Fest."




Attending filmmakers will receive a wristband(s) providing full 5-day access to Treefort Music Fest, hundreds of bands, as well as access to all other Forts and artist lounges across the festival.

Filmfort's wristband policy is to provide 1x for short films, 2x for feature-length films — reserved for filmmakers with above-the-line credit only. If special circumstances apply, or additional members of your cast or crew wish to attend, please contact Chelsea to discuss your situation. Upon request, Filmfort is able to provide up to 4x individual single-screening tickets, if for example you have family members present who wish to attend.

PLEASE NOTE: Romantic partners, friends uninvolved and/or uncredited in the film, family, etc. are not eligible to receive a complimentary All Access pass.



• Filmfort accepts submissions for short, medium, and feature-length fiction and nonfiction, animation, and hybrid films of any genre. We don't necessarily care if your film is already online, as long as it hasn't been so for more than one year. However if we're forced to make a choice between two exceptional films, one of which is already online, we'll most likely program the one that isn't already available on the internet. We strongly encourage you to submit only finished work, however if your film is close but not-quite-finished you may a fine cut as long as you make legible in the description or video thumbnail what remains to be completed. If you're on the fence or unsure if your film is eligible, send us an email and we're happy to discuss.



• General — It has been playing festivals and/or online for more than one year (please confirm our dates before submitting).

• Festival — Any exhibition held in the Boise Region and/or as part of another film festival

• Theatrical — Any commercial exhibition within the U.S.

• Television — Any broadcast available to U.S. audiences

• Blu-Ray/DVD — Any commercial distribution in the U.S.


Filmfort strongly prefers Vimeo links with downloads enabled. Links must remain active and accessible through March 31, 2022. Discs or physical media formats will not be accepted for consideration.

MP4, Quicktime; DCP for selected films only.

If selected to screen during the festival, the cost of print shipping is the responsibility of the artists, producers, and/or distributor. The festival cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss of materials while in transit.

NOTE: If your film is accepted, the information you have provided on FilmFreeway may be used on Treefort Music Fest's website and/or for various marketing purposes.


Overall Rating
  • Collin Insley

    As a Boise-based filmmaker, it was an honor to have my short, "Wednesday" screen at Filmfort. The programming featured an excellent, eclectic mix of narrative and experimental films. Frankly, I wish I had been able to see more than I did. Plus, Treefort as a whole is an absolute blast. The only thing missing, in my mind, is that I wish that there had been more of an opportunity for meeting and hanging out with fellow filmmakers (the caveat being that it was a weird year, what with COVID). All in all, highly recommend.

    September 2021
  • Ryan + Rachel Betschart-Nakawatase

    Great fest, great lineups, great people!

    September 2019
  • Zach Voss

    A great compliment to the "fort" family of activities offered at Treefort Music Fest. When you need a break from the music or simply time to rest your feet, Film Fort has an awesome screening waiting, often with filmmakers in attendance.

    April 2018