Festival Of the Moving Image (FOMI) is University College London (UCL)'s award-winning student film festival, run by the UCL Film & TV Society. We promote emerging student filmmakers, focusing on creativity and innovation.

May 25-27, 2023
Bloomsbury Theatre & Studio

Entries which do not comply with the guidelines risk disqualification.

1. General Information
1.1 Submissions via email submission or FilmFreeway will open on 20th Jan 2023.
1.2 Submissions will remain open until 23:59 GMT on 21st March 2023. We recommend submitting your film as early as possible to avoid disappointment or technical difficulties.
1.3 The filmmakers themselves must select one nominee to submit their films. Files must follow the format ‘FilmTitle_NomineeFullName’. This is to avoid large numbers of bulk entries or misplacement of your submission file.

2.1 All films must be a finished cut.
2.2. Films can be any style or genre, but must be no more than 20 minutes in length.
2.3 All films must either be in English, dubbed in English or subtitled in English.
2.4 All films must have completed production no earlier than January 2021.
2.5 For a film to be eligible for consideration, at least one out of the following three must have been students during film production: Director, Producer, Writer. Proof of student enrolment may be required.
2.6 Submissions must have a minimum resolution of 1080p.

3. Submission Procedure
3.11 Film must be submitted in the correct format. Films which do not correspond to the required format will not be considered.
3.12 Entrants will be asked to upload a copy of the film’s poster onto the project page on FilmFreeway, if available. While not necessary during submissions, a poster will be required immediately if your film is selected for the shortlists. The festival will use this for marketing purposes.
3.2 All entrants must specify the year in which their film was made and list their cast and crew, specifying which have student status.
3.3 Entrants must only select one genre.

4. Judging
4.1 Films will be considered according to the following criteria: student films with strong intentionality, in addition to originality and creativity in executing their ideas.
4.2 Technical awards may be awarded at the disposition of the jurors. Wherever the person responsible for a film’s particular technical aspect was a student, that person will automatically be considered.

5. Permission
5.1 By submitting your film to the Festival Of the Moving Image you give us permission to screen your film during the festival or spin-off screenings. You also give us permission to use and crop your film to advertise the festival and its screening. Full details will be confirmed regarding usage rights prior to their use.

Overall Rating
  • FOMI was such a lovely festival, and so well run by the students at the UCL Film & TV Society. I met loads of likeminded people, and I'll definitely be going back next year. The venue was amazing, and the short competition displayed a really great selection. Definitely not one to miss!

    June 2022