Whether you call it collage, compilation, found footage, détournement, or recycled cinema, the incorporation of already existing media into new artworks is a practice that generates novel juxtapositions and new meanings and ideas, often in ways entirely unrelated to the intentions of the original makers. Such new works are, in other words, “inappropriate.” This act of (in)appropriation may even produce revelations about the relationship between past and present, here and there, intention and subversion, artist and critic, not to mention the "producer" and "consumer" of audiovisual culture itself. Fortunately for our purposes, the past decades have witnessed the emergence of a wealth of new audiovisual elements available for appropriation into new works. In addition to official state and commercial archives, resources like vernacular collections, home movie repositories, and digital archives now also provide fascinating material to repurpose in ways that lend it new meaning and resonance.

Filmmakers and video artists engaged in the appropriation, re-purposing, and productive “misuse” of existing visual and sonic media are invited to submit their work for consideration. Submissions may include remix, mashup, collage, détournement, and other collisions or subversions of pre-existing media that produces a new critical meaning or transformative experience.


• Be 20 minutes or less in length

• Made in 2020 or later

• Must contain some form of audiovisual appropriation

• Acceptable exhibition formats: 16mm film, 35mm film, digital video file

• Submission fee: $10

Overall Rating
  • Krista Leigh Steinke

    I was thrilled to have my film chosen for this unique film screening. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend but I enjoyed promoting it on my social media channels and with my professional network. Friends and colleagues were excited that I was showing work at the Berkely Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. I hope to submit again in the future.

    October 2023
  • Antonio Arango

    great experience, I'm flattered with my participation

    October 2022
  • Love this festival. Creative daring intelligent erudite sensuous.

    January 2019
  • Michael Lyons

    Unique, interesting, smart festival!

    May 2016