Y'allywood is the place for southern independent cinema! Our festival takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, and we want to see every movie that gets made here in the lowest of the lower 48! We love Atlanta, we love Georgia. We love all the states that border it and all the states that border those. After that it gets a little hazy, but you get the picture.


We are open to submissions from filmmakers who call the south their home. We are open to submissions from filmmakers who aren't as lucky but who shot films in the south. Your film does not have to have any sort of theme of "southernness" to be eligible for acceptance, but it'd sure be neat if it did!

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    Noah Camenker

    This isn't the biggest festival out there, but the organizers are very passionate about their filmmakers and they put on a great show. I want to the 2016 festival and had an awesome experience.

    August 2017
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    Tracy Facelli

    I screened my short film "How I Got Made" here in 2015. I had a great time. It was fun adn funky and I saw some fantastic films. I will always enter my projects in this one!

    February 2017
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    Tony Reames

    GREAT festival, GREAT people. One of the best around.

    October 2016
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    Thomas Nudi

    Truly an exceptional independent film festival. The directors look out for the films and the filmmakers, and embrace the community and content. A tremendous amount of consideration and respect was immediately shown from Y'allywood and I couldn't have been prouder to have my film play in their line-up!

    October 2016
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the kind words! And keep up the great work!