The Ocean City Film Festival was founded in January, 2017. Hosted by the Art League of Ocean City, this festival is a regional affair that allows both community engagement and networking for artists.

The Ocean City Film Festival currently has but two categories for submission, which are either multiple short films per filmmaker or one feature length per filmmaker. In our first year, we are not restricting submission by genre. The OCFF has a grand emphasis on connecting the audience with the artists, thus making the screenings, Q&A, as well as table sessions, a very intimate experience.

The festival takes place from the evening of Thursday June 8th until the late afternoon of Sunday, June 11th. Throughout this 4 day schedule there are times specifically designated for networking and artist socials, an introduction ceremony, screenings, an award ceremony, and a closing reception.

Awards & Prizes

The Verdict- Judge's choice.

The Inky Tentacle- The award for the best screenplay is the Inky Tentacle.

The Celluloid Crab- This award will go to the picture with the best use of either analog equipment or practical effects.

The Pink Flamingo- The Pink Flamingo award goes to the picture that is most uniquely reflective of Maryland life.

The Damn Fine Film- The Damn Fine Film award is the audience choice award to their favorite picture of the festival.

Rules & Terms

All submissions must be conducted professionally by their contributors. The OCFF prioritizes diversity and uniqueness, but will not tolerate art that is driven by impropriety or otherwise negative values without the discretion of judges.

Filmmakers, with their submissions, are entitled to list or bring any cast and crew as personnel for their table sessions or screenings.

Filmmakers and their personnel are expected to conduct themselves professionally and follow theatre etiquette as both artists and audience members.

6 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Samantha Gilbert

    Thank you for screening our projects. Congrats on your first year, we look forward to submitting other projects in the future. David & Samantha

    June 2017
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    Richard Schertzer

    It was a nice festival, especially being the first festival. I had a really cool time being the youngest filmmaker in the set of horror flicks shown.

    June 2017
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    Luis Palomino

    Fantastic selection of films, very thoughtful film festival.

    June 2017
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    Rob Underhill

    Such a terrific team! Great communication. I will definitely be a return filmmaker!

    June 2017
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    John Ervin

    Great festival that starts off its first year on a strong note. I was unfortunately not able to attend, but I was honored to have my script "The Look of Hate" accepted for the pitch day. I was also impressed with the level of communication on the part of the fest runners. Hopefully I can attend future events and will plan on submitting more films or scripts.

    June 2017