The Ocean City Film Festival was founded in January, 2017. Hosted by the Art League of Ocean City, this festival is a regional affair that allows both community engagement and networking outlet for artists.

Our festival stands to unite artists with their audiences and allow for an intimate and incredibly unique festival experience that can only be found in Ocean City Maryland. Our third year will feature over 100 films from a variety of filmmakers whether they are locals or from the other side of the planet. (And if any extra-terrestrials care to submit, those are allowed too.)

The Pink Flamingo: The Pink Flamingo Film Award goes out to the film that is most uniquely reflective of Maryland life.

The People's Film: The People's Film Award is the audience choice award- polls in person.

The Damn Fine Film: The Damn Fine Film Award is the judge's choice award.

And a "Best of" award to each respective category.

Awards will be announced at our closing reception, during which the award winners will receive a charming gift basket, courtesy of our sponsors, and an award laurel via e-mail.

The OCFF asks that all submissions are conducted professionally.

The Ocean City Film Fest also allows submissions of all sorts from all over the world, but films from the Delmarva and surrounding regions will gain priority, as will short films.

Filmmakers are entitled to 2 admission passes.

We simply ask that applicants, if selected, maintain steady and clear communication with us so that we can plan our event as efficiently as possible.

The Ocean City Film Festival owes no explanation to applicants that were not accepted. By submitting to the Ocean City Film Festival, filmmakers consent to the public screening of their work at any of our venues.