Queens World Film Festival screens challenging films from around the world and around the corner. We are especially interested in maverick filmmakers of any sex, orientation, ethnicity, country or region. Please have a point of view and don't back off. Take a stand and show us something we have never seen before.

I am interrupting this Festival Description with press that just came in.: http://www.qchron.com/qboro/stories/go-indy-with-these-free-festival-films-in-the-park/article_efb7f72b-a59a-5d89-aa59-f84217175779.html

It's great to get filmmakers noticed!!!!!

Now, back to the Festival Description:
With strong political and community support QWFF will build community around you and your work with numerous pre-festival events, press coverage and targeted outreach. We program the festival in thematic blocks with provocative titles grouping complimentary films together to create a specific experience. Every Block has a Moderator and a Q & A.

You have the opportunity to enter any festival, there are thousands out there, so when you choose us, we don't take that lightly. We will give your film all of our attention in the screening process. If selected, we want you to have time with your audience so we will invite you to several inclusive pre-festival events that help us build the tribe, including our wildly popular Press Conference at MoMI.

We look forward to seeing your work and to seeing you in March 2017.

Awards & Prizes

We award 'Best of' and 'Honorable Mention' in each category, our sponsors select films to honor, we include Best of Fest, Founders' Choice, Emerging Filmmaker and Unique Vision in our recognition.

Rules & Terms

Entries may be entered as an on-line screener.
Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.
No paper press kits or any other print materials are required until requested by the festival.

We will not return screener materials without a prepaid mailer from the filmmaker. That's just crazy talk otherwise.

The responsibility for the shipping cost of any and all material(s) is that of the entrant. All material(s) must be prepaid. Any and all C.O.D's will be refused. All DVDs must be labeled with the title of the work, run time, name/contact info of the director/submitter. Please do not ask us to forward your materials to another festival.

We will watch your film. If there is an issue with your submission playing, we will notify you and give you every opportunity to get us a playable submission.
We post official selections on our website and notify official selections by email.
We will notify you if you are not accepted as well.
Once scheduled, you may not withdraw from the festival.
If selected we will notify you as to the screening requirements.

Although due care will be exercised by QWFF and its associates, friends and relatives, QWFF cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged DVD's or other materials and that is certainly true for damage or loss during transit. The festival does not pay any rental fees for submitted work.

9 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Aleksandar Kostic

    Personal experience with quality films.

    May 2017
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    Paul Kelly

    The QWFF is a phenomenal, filmmaker-focused festival for independent filmmakers. Thank you Don and Katha Cato for screening my short film "Now" starring Judith Roberts. It was a professionally planned and well-organized event from start to finish. The warm and friendly volunteers made the festival especially delightful. Excellent communication with immediate laurels and screening schedule. Energetic kickoff and movie trailer parties. Superb programming! The block of shorts we were in on March 18th at the Museum of the Moving Image was ingenious and provocative. Looking forward to the 8th Annual Queens World Film Festival.

    April 2017
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    Laura Dowling Shea

    The QWFF is one of the best festivals. Don and Katha are tireless in making sure everything is communicated effectively, efficiently and enthusiastically. They are committed to supporting the artists and filmmakers who participate. There is a lot of press exposure and many networking opportunities. The theaters and facilities are top notch. I can't say enough good things about this festival. The selection of films are of the highest quality and the film blocks are carefully curated. We were honored to be part of this wonderful event and will submit again.

    March 2017
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    Response from festival:

    High praise from a very seasoned and experienced artist. So appreciated since we know you have attended many festivals. Thank you!!!!!!

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    Frank Anderson

    Thanks to everyone at QWFF for an amazing experience once again! This is, by far, our favorite film festival. We always have a blast.

    March 2017
    Qwff bw  logo
    Response from festival:

    It's incredible to be part of your journey and to see what you come up with each year. Always unexpected, always boundary pushing, always coloring outside of the lines and a never disappointment.

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    Robert Butler

    5/5 across the board!! The Queens World Film Festival is certainly one of the finest film festival experiences I have ever had. Everything from the venue at the Museum of the Moving Images in Queens, to the organizers, and the display was first-rate. The festival was very well-attended, my screening was full, and each film had a Q and A and an opening. The festival also does several categories for features, shorts, and documentaries. The awards show was the best I ever attended. The organizers Don and Katha Cato have nothing but love for the art of cinema. This is a great festival ran by great people that truly celebrate the art of cinema, it's a festival where the stars are the movies. I couldn't have asked for more.

    March 2017
    Qwff bw  logo
    Response from festival:

    Wow! We are thrilled to have you notice some of the items that we work the hardest on: full screenings, worth while Q&A and multiple categories to reward and encourage filmmakers at every level of their work. Thank you sir.