Traditionally, Queens World includes a well-attended multi-day annual film festival, year-round screening opportunities for QWFF alumni, special events to bring the Indie film community together and an educational initiative for youth and seniors. Just like everyone else, we are keeping it fluid and responding to the needs of the Indie Film community.

The 10th Annual Fest was scheduled to March 19 - 29, 2020 at the Museum of Moving Image and the Zukor Theater at Kaufman-Astoria Studios. Due to the pandemic we needed to develop an alternate way to screen the films. And that is exactly what we did. We opened on time - online - with 191 films from 30 nations which garnered over 30,000 views.

After the festival, Queens World produced Wednesday Nights @9, a live weekly broadcast that identified individuals and organizations as our Heroes of the Week. In their honor, we curated a block of films by filmmakers working in similar themes. On Wednesday nights we gathered the Heroes and the Filmmakers of the Week to discuss their work. The series wrapped at the end of September and received over 19,000 views.

In preparation for Q11, we are working with our venues and our partners to maximize all available resources for the festival. We will use our signature thematic programming, grouping films together to create specific cinematic experiences and each screening event will be accompanied by Filmmaker Q&As. Our plans for June 2021 include both a virtual and a live event with some very exciting global elements that we will share with you at a later date.

While this is a tough time on our planet, now is not the time to stop communicating, to stop looking for what will heal us, or to stop gathering. Queens World remains focused on ideas, stories with heart, films with a point of view and artists who challenge.

This year we are concentrating on HOPE as our theme.
H - Healing
O - Opportunities
P - Promote
E - Equity

We are interested in films that examine, explore, defy, contradict and support our theme. The very act of making and completing a film is hopeful.

Show us what you believe in.
Bring your craft and let's see what you got.
Bring it.

We designate awards in every category, along with awards for excellence in Acting, Writing, Directing and Cinematography. There are 'Best of the Festival' and 'Founder's Choice' awards for and if there is a film of special note that doesn't fit into a category, we design a special award to recognize that filmmaker's accomplishments.

By submitting material to the Queens World Film Festival you and all others associated with the submission attest to the possession of the rights to all images, sound, music, interviews, promotional materials, third party images and all other materials involved in the film. If your film is accepted for screening during the Festival then you attest to the right for the Festival to use any portion of the film in promotion of the Festival in all media in perpetuity.

All submissions must be an online screener and if there is an issue playing the material, we will give you every opportunity to get us a playable submission. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.

All films are screened by multiple members of our screening committee who assess craft, technique, execution, material, originality and overall professionalism. High scoring films are moved into the Jury process which involves re-screenings and re-scorings.

Those who will not be screening with us are notified first, followed by notifications to those who will be screening with us. The schedule will be on our website and app. Each film will have a page created for them on our website.

If selected you must supply us with your materials in one of the following formats:
For live screenings: ProRes.mov or H264.
For virtual screenings: Mpg4.
The deadline to submit your screening material is March 4.

Once your film has been accepted/scheduled into our festival, you may not withdraw your film. So please consider any potential conflicts with other festivals BEFORE submitting to QWFF.

QWFF cannot accept responsibility for drives damaged or lost during shipping.

The festival does not pay rental fees or screening fees for submitted work.

The opinion(s) expressed in the film are those of the filmmakers not the Queens World Film Festival, its Board or its associates.

Overall Rating
  • Grace Wang

    Possibly one of the best communications I've had with a festival from beginning to end. Thank you Katha for being a genuine, passionate supporter of independent filmmaking. Even in time of covid-19, QSFF went above and beyond to put on a virtual festival and showed incredible patience and care for the filmmakers. Constant updates and instant troubleshooting. Thank you so much for the experience, hope our paths cross again.

    June 2020
    Response from festival:

    Grace, thank you so much for sharing your work with us, for being brave enough to put your vision out there for all of us. We appreciate you and look forward to whatever is next. Let's all rebuild together.

  • Gabriel Furman

    This has been our second year in Queensworld film Festival and they make you feel like family. The communication is constant and they really love the filmmaker. Thank you Queensworld.

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Mr. Furman. It seems like the world has changed significantly, but the stories remain important to all of us. We hope that you are well and still working on something you are passionate about.

  • Natalie Johnson

    I loved participating in this festival. This festival is the definition of Indie filmmaking at it's best! Katha Cato is a champion of indie filmmakers, and goes above and beyond to accommodate, promote and connect with the filmmaker. While this festival moved onto the online format due to the Covid pandemic, the level of communication and care that went into making this happen was impressive. Opportunities for networking were abundant and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. I highly recommend this festival.

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your participation and for sharing your work with us. We try not to think about how excited we all were and concentrate instead on the wider audiences we were able to engage and how wonderful all of the films were. Thank you so much for being with us.

  • Patrick Devaney

    You are going to be extremely hard pressed to find any festival who cares more for the filmmakers and their work than this one. I have had two films play here in the last three years and I cannot say enough good things about the people who curate this event.

    And during this pandemic, the grace and care they put into making sure the last-minute online version was unmatched. They worked day and night to ensure it happened. They know films, love films, understand the artists, and what could you possibly ask for after that?

    Submit your film here, and you are guaranteed to have your work respectfully and fairly reviewed.

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    We are so appreciative of your support and your belief in us. We are committed to making sure that we keep focused on developing the community that will move everyone forward and we are thankful that you are such a strong presence here as well.

  • Donna Wheeler

    Sad that we had to go virutal/online due to Covid19, but a wonderful, wonderful experience nonetheless with the Fest and the general public and enthusiasm. Thank you, Queens World!

    April 2020
    Response from festival:

    We thank you for your work, your energy, your commitment and your support. Here's to whatever is next and getting there together.