Now in its fifth year, the Northeast Film Festival showcases top independent films from filmmakers, as well as new talent. The diverse array of films, selected by a committee, includes features and shorts from all genres, as well as documentaries and screenplays. The festival is hosted in Teaneck New Jersey at the historic Teaneck Cinemas; with planned parties to kick off the festival in style and spirit. In addition, we offer an atmosphere for the film enthusiast to interact with filmmakers as well as filmmakers being able to interact and network with each other and industry professionals.

The festival includes after parties, to offer opportunities for interacting and networking with other filmmakers, actors, and film festival goers. In past years, Harry Lennix, Lloyd Kaufman, Vinnie Pastore, David Harris, Robert Clohessy, Fatima Ptacek, Gianni Russo, producers from NBC, among many others attended the festival's after parties (and festival).

Awards & Prizes

All nominees receive a personalized award certificate. All winners receive a trophy presented during our awards gala. The previous year's gala awards ceremonies have been hosted by Mary Dimino (SNL).

Rules & Terms


1. Northeast Film Festival competition categories are open to the United States and International entries.
2. All entries must submit preview screeners on DVD (NTSC) or Blu-Ray or via online through FilmFreeway. Any other method must receive prior approval from the festival.
3. Foreign language entries must have English language subtitles.
4. Entries must have been completed in the past 5 years.
5. Applicants may submit as many entries as they wish, as long as each entry has a separate entry form and fee.
6. Entries must include contact information, submission tracking #, and both an email address and phone number if possible, on all DVD and Blu-Ray submissions.
7. For DVD and Blu-Ray submissions, please submit in sturdy containers and/or bubble wrap to avoid damage. No fiber filled envelopes. DVD and Blu-Ray submissions will not be returned to the submitters.
8. Northeast Film Festival has the right to screen any film or projects submitted to the Northeast Film Festival without paying screening fees.
9. In order to receive an award trophy, the project's producer or director must be present, unless a physical festival is not held.
10. If officially selected, it is the responsibility of the submitter to send the festival their film in DVD or Blu-Ray format.
11. Screening copies will not be returned to the submitter, unless a pre-paid return mailer is included.
12. All decisions made by the festival are final and at their discretion.

Payments can be made through FilmFreeway by credit card, or by check or money order. If payment is not made by credit card through FilmFreeway, the submission must also include a check or money order of the appropriate funds made out to: Northeast Film Festival or NEFF. Send all materials to: Northeast Film Festival, PO Box 2026. Teaneck, NJ 07666. Submission fees are non-refundable.

12 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    jerry landi

    One of the best run Festivals I have ever screened at. The venue was great, and the team was right on top of everything. Having screened at many festivals, this was in my top three. Hope to back soon.

    April 2017
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    Debra Markowitz

    I've had three films at Northeast Film Festival over two years. The first time I walked in, the Director immediately knew who I was and all about my films, and I felt so welcomed. It's a homey festival, where it's easy to get to meet people, and I've met cool people there every time I've gone. They also set up a green room where you can get interviewed and take your red carpet photos. Def love this one.

    April 2017
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    Justin Pigeon

    Larry Rosen, the festival director, does a great job of putting this festival together. He is detail oriented, personable, and wants to see his film makers achieve. The films screen in a great theater with strong audiences and the networking events are well organized. We had a great time and hope to screen there next year!

    October 2016
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    Bonnie Harper

    The only word that describes this festival is that it is a Gem. At first I thought the hype might be a bit misleading as all of the films are screened in a single room at the historic Teaneck cinemas, but that is where the limitations end. The quality of the films was outstanding, each film was introduced by organizer Larry Rosen, and a Q&A followed where the filmmakers were present (they were for most). It was truly an honor to simply be included. There were nightly mixers, free for filmmakers, where we could get to know each other, swap ideas and just discuss films. The hosts took time to meet with all the filmmakers and make us feel welcome. Even the swag was handed personally to each filmmaker. It was like the organizers took every pet peeve which has happened at other festivals and made sure to eliminate those issues while still keeping all the best stuff. We plan to re-enter next year with some of our new projects.

    September 2016
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    Chris Cullen

    Such an amazing festival, make sure you submit your films. Great films, parties, networking, everything a fest needs plus you never know who you will run into. I go back every year even if I don't have a film. Don't miss out make sure you submit a film and become a part of the festival family.

    September 2016