Love indie film? Support Nightpiece. If you're looking for exposure in the World's largest Arts festival - the Edinburgh Fringe - then Nightpiece is the festival to submit to. This will be our 4th consecutive year, we are filmmakers too and our ethos is inspired by three simple rules:

1. #justsubmitit
2. #supportindiefilm
3. #contentisking

We are looking for exceptional short film submissions from across the globe and Edinburgh Fringe is a perfect starting point to showcase your work. Every year we have premiered films that have gone on to many other festivals across the world. Recent examples of films that began at Nightpiece include Ross Adgar's 'The Railway Carriage' (2015) and Dan Sunley's 'Pieces' (2016).

Previously Screened Filmmakers

If you've been screened at Nightpiece previously you can submit for FREE, however you do need to email to request a waiver code.


Beginning with an open access format in 2014 screening 69 films, we returned to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2015 with the second Nightpiece Film Festival on a curated basis, programming the best content submitted. In all we had over two thousand films to choose from, with entries from 99 countries across the world. In 2016, we ran for our third year presenting 50+ films and continuing our long established association with our venue managers, theSpaceUK.


August dates for the 4th year of the Nightpiece Film Festival in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe are Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th, Friday 25th and Saturday 26th August.

Awards & Prizes


Rules & Terms

ETHOS - 2017

The Nightpiece Film Festival is considered as follows:


Films beyond 1 and less than 15 mins in length are accepted for review on a curated basis. We are looking for quality filmmaking delivered by producers and directors who value the exposure of their product and understand that their films live through exposure and association with bigger entities e,g EdFringe.

For general guidance, films should align with the following statements:

- Be between 1m 00s & 15m 00s minutes in length - UK Films.
- Be between 1m 00s & 15m 00s minutes in length - European & Worldwide Films.
- Be of a rating roughly equal to a ‘BBFC’ 12A or ‘MPAA’ PG-13.
- Be of clear narrative construction.
- Be of a technically screenable quality.
- Be made after 1st September 2016.

Alongside filmmaker expectations and promotional considerations detailed below we reserve the right to reject short films that do not meet the above criteria.


The purpose of the Nightpiece Film Festival is exposure for your film in the World’s largest Arts Festival - the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We are not Sundance; we are an independent programme and one of 3000+ other shows in EdFringe in August so adjust your expectations accordingly and remember this is one of the most expensive festivals in the world to participate in but, we are a part of it.

If we schedule
 your film we do ask you to announce your film’s presence in the festival via social media, however, from experience we have found the interest in any given film lies solely with the team involved so how much you push your online campaign is at filmmaker discretion.


By submitting to the festival the contributor declares that he/she has obtained all necessary rights and permissions to present the film at Nightpiece Film Festival.
The filmmaker must own or have cleared copyright of all aspects of the submitted film. This includes all music and images used. Nightpiece Film Festival accepts no responsibility, financial or otherwise, in regards to clearing copyrighted material.

By submitting a film for consideration to Nightpiece Film Festival the filmmaker/production company grant Nightpiece Film Festival the right to screen the film throughout the duration of the festival in any capacity and to use the material submitted for promotional purposes of the festival.


As a developing festival with films sourced from across the UK and the World,
we DO NOT expect filmmaker attendance at the event due to the limited time
frame (Multiple 1hr programmes) and expected public attendance at the event.

Should your film be selected one (1x) complimentary ticket per Film submission is offered for 2017, however, this is on a stand-by basis in line with the guidance issued
by our venue (theSpace UK).

Unless specifically announced, no travel or accommodation expenses, incentives
or prizes of any form are offered to Filmmakers participating in the Nightpiece
Film Festival.