NFFTY is the world's largest and most influential film festival for emerging directors. In 2016, we screened 227 amazing films from the best filmmakers 24 and younger representing 33 states and 24 countries, with over 12,000 in attendance. We provide a first-class festival experience that includes four days of film screenings, parties, networking events and panels.

NFFTY 2017 will be held in April 27 - 30 in Seattle, WA.

In 2016 and 2014, MovieMaker Magazine rated NFFTY as one of the top 50 festivals worth the entry fee.

Awards & Prizes

- Announced: The Dorothy Award: a $500 Cash Award to a film with a strong female protagonist. All NFFTY 2017 Official Selections will be considered.

- Festival Awards – We’ll be announcing specific Jury and Audience Awards and other special awards closer to the festival. Last year, we gave out $2,500 in cash awards and $8,000 in additional scholarships.

- Original Content Projects – In the past year, we’ve given out over $50,000 in cash to NFFTY Alumni to produce special branded projects. Once you’ve had a film accepted into NFFTY, you will be eligible for these opportunities.

- At The Festival – When you attend NFFTY as a Filmmaker, you get to meet fellow young filmmakers from around the world, network with industry leaders and grow as a filmmaker. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Rules & Terms

- The film’s director(s) must have been under 25 years of age at time of filming.

- All music and other copyrighted material used in films must be properly licensed. See our Resource Guide.

- All films must be in English or subtitled in English.


View the Official Rules & Guidelines here:

View Frequently Asked Questions here:

View info on Music Licensing here:

9 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Isaiah Corey

    The best youth festival out there!

    September 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks, Isaiah!

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    Arantxa Aguirrebengoa

    One of the most rewarding festivals out there. It gives the opportunity to young filmmakers to see their projects on the big screen, to feel supported by other fellow filmmakers that are in the same position, but most of all, it encourages you to continue creating films. (I don't want to turn 25!!)

    Seeing what other minds are coming up with is very inspiring, you get to meet people that will probably be big names in the future. It is not only networking, it is also just getting a breath of fresh air, new ideas, friendships and filmmakers to collaborate with in the future!

    Completely recommended, even if you are overseas, it is completely worth every penny!!!

    August 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks for taking the time to write, Arantxa!

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    Daniel Wahlen

    There is no other film festival that provides an experience like NFFTY. I've had the good fortune of screening at over 30 festivals across the country and not one comes anywhere close to being as worth it as NFFTY was.

    In those few short days I've made friends from all over the world with whom I've already collaborated with and others I plan to do so in the future. It's a terrific place to expand your network and meet like-minded people who are your age.

    The great thing about the festival is there is no qualifier on the work. Meaning, it's solid, high quality work on its own merits! So many other festivals I always felt a bit awkward being the youngest in the room or perhaps having my film being taken less seriously because of it. At NFFTY you will be constantly uplifted and inspired by your peers—driving you to do better work and learn.

    The organizers are some of the friendliest, most communicative people, and you can't ask for a better host city than Seattle.

    NFFTY is a 10/10. Highly recommended, and I plan on attending as many more times as I can.

    August 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Wow! Thanks so much, Daniel!

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    Kira Bursky

    NFFTY is one of my all time favorite film festivals. It is the only film festival that I have attended every year since first getting in (I've gone three times and intend on going every year I possibly can)! I always come away from the festival with new friends, collaborators and stories. The festival truly is one of the highlights of my year. I could rant on for a really long time about NFFTY. It is a festival that you want to be a part of. So much support and love from the NFFTY network.

    August 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Kira!

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    Lael Rogers

    Being a part of NFFTY has been one of my most chorused festival experiences. On top of the networking and career opportunities that NFFTY works hard to foster, the festival has boasted, hands down, some of the best shorts lineups I've seen in the festival circuit. NFFTY is most definitely worth checking out as both a filmmaker and a film-lover.

    August 2016
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    Response from festival:

    We love our short line-up too :) Thanks for writing, Lael!