MFF was founded by independent filmmakers that learned first-hand how hard it is to find an independent film an audience. For more than a decade we have worked to program a diverse film lineup that features student, emerging, and established filmmakers. The festival is covered by local, national, and international media outlets including The New York Times, Good Morning America, Variety, and many more. We have received numerous awards and have helped launch, sustain, and revive the careers of countless filmmakers. Each year MFF honors three filmmakers with a Film Heals Award. This award recognizes filmmakers that use the power of film to promote peace, justice, equality, and humanity. We have worked with some of the world’s best non-profit organizations including The Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation.

Our widely popular Filmmaker Revenue Sharing Program generates thousands of dollars for independent filmmakers. This program allows filmmakers the opportunity to earn 50% of each ticket sold. Participants will be given an affiliate account where they can track sales in real time. This year we are launching our Filmmaker Advisory Program. This program will feature customized mentoring sessions for filmmakers. These sessions will be scheduled during the duration of the festival. Mentors will include respected members of the business, entertainment, and legal communities. Subject material includes but is not limited to:

• Create customized business plans.
• Providing one-on-one legal counseling.
• Discuss individualized marketing and advertising planning.
• Strategize with distributors for both theatrical and digital releases.
• Optimize a social media and web presence.

Rules & Terms

• All film submissions are non-returnable unless sent with a self-addressed stamped envelope.
• If a film is accepted, filmmakers will be responsible for delivering their exhibition materials by a date determined by the festival or to and from festival venues.
• The Manhattan Film Festival is not liable for submission or exhibition materials which are lost or damaged.
• Filmmaker must have all clearances including trademark and/or copyrighted materials shown must have authorized permission. Filmmaker remains entirely liable for any claims that may occur in result of screening the film.
• Filmmaker authorizes the Manhattan Film Festival permission to screen their film at the festival.
• The festival must receive the exhibition copy by the date specified in order to screen the film

2 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Gus Scharr

    Excellent and consistent communication, invitations to all events related to the festival, great screening venues, and a caring, attentive, and enthusiastic coordinator Philip Nelson. This festival CARES about filmmakers and did everything to promote, educate, and inspire. It made me feel like a winner even before actually awarding me with the BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT honor. The MANHATTAN FILM FESTIVAL is at the very top of my list for future film submissions.

    May 2016
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    Ryan Collins

    The theater venue was great! The opening night filmmaker's event was decent too. However, you will get ZERO festival/foot traffic for Manhattan Film Festival, they book a TON of films, so you better be ready to promote the hell out of your screening and bring your own crowd.

    We won "best musical," very nice of them to create a category just to recognize our film. The award was literally a picture frame with a slip of gold paper in it, but still nice to be recognized.

    As with ALL festivals, I would only recommend submitting to the early bird deadline or submit well before the regular deadline. Give your film more time to sit with programmers and /or be seen with fresher eyes. If it seems like you're only going to be hitting late deadlines, save your money, wait a year for early submissions and work on the edit... I really wish someone had convinced me to do that. Late deadlines are super-expensive and almost always a waste money, as the festivals have mostly solidified their lineup, at that point.

    May 2016