International Short Films in Girona City, Catalonia.

Girona Film Festival is an international congress of talent.
29 years of tradition, Girona Festival is an event where artists unveil their work, debated film, make market contacts ... without forgetting the festival with a variety of shows and music.
Born in 1989 on the initiative of a group of young Girona need to share their film creations. It has become a renowned event to present new talent of the moment, reaching 130 countries are participating. Keeping the essence of that first edition, "an exchange between artists from all sectors of art more diverse and versatile film."

Today can boast of having had the presence of Gregory Nava, Lupe Ontiveros, Knister, Eva Truffaut, Nunes, JA Bayona, Jaume Balagueró, Macarena Gómez, Julia Steinweg, Uma Ysamat, Maria Ripoll, Peter Welter, Mike Connor, Adam Ethan Crow, Santiago Tabernero, Ana Martinez, Roberto Leone, Fernando Cobo.

Awards & Prizes

Best Shortfilm (escreenplay, director and producer)
Best Actor and Actrees
Best Music
Best Cineamtographie
Best Art director
Best Editor
Best Documentary
Best Experimental & Animation
Best Children Film
Best Jewish Filmfestival
Best Handicapped
Especial Mention

Rules & Terms


Production Year 2016-2017
FEATURE films and documentaries, unlimited length.
SHORT maximum 60 minutes.
Unpublished that has not been commercially released in Spain.
Gender All genres and styles.
Participation Free and open to the world.

Enter the web registration
The registration fee is € 5 except promotions.
Registration Advertising is 75 €

FICTION international and
DOCUMENTARY international
EXPERIMENTAL international
CHILDREN shorts for children 5 to 12 years
JEWISH FILM Thematically or Jewish authorship.
HANDICAPPED Thematically or handicapped authorship
WEB-SERIES only Spanish
VIDEO CLIPS only Spanish
D.O. Designation of Origin, talent films, thematic or production environment in Girona.
EKO FILM cinema ecologist and naturalist

Open until 1 May 2017.

August 1, 2016

DATES Festival
From 27 to 30 September 2017

We value their creativity and innovation in film language and their creative contributions. How can it be in its narrative structure, script, direction, production, editing, interpretation, art direction, music, photography, image processing, speech and all its aspects the work.
Originality, mimicry and removal of any convention.
Ability to impact, communicate and attract the viewer.
The work is by nature content. His speech cannot be against the basic principles of human rights, especially the defence of freedom of individuals or weaker. Growing interest if developed artistic concepts, human, cultural, educational and historical.
There is also a criterion of geographical representation of Europe and the world, with a special sensitivity to emerging countries and low production in most European program.
In the case of film creation and evaluation of its ability to generate the image, its animation movement, creativity and innovation in the cinematic language and their contributions to the genre.
In the case of cinema D.O. it provided the author, subject or location is of around Girona.
In the case of Video clip valued its ability to generate image in relation to music, the animation or movement, creativity and innovation in the cinematic language and their contributions to the genre. The quality of the music and its originality is the basis of the work.

Sections film must submit copies DCP subtitled in English and Spanish or Catalan. We can send an SRT in English and we will do the translation into Catalan.
The copy can be sent via FTP.
Experimental and Documentary DVD and H264 file (QuickTime MOV)

PROJECTION, copy and rooms
Will be screened at various venues. In one commercial hall entrance charge to the public.
Holders of the film, the Festival accredited and registered may request all entries need.
The projections in cinemas DCP require copies.

Registration means the transfer of rights to exhibit non-profit film festival in any premises to take place, the Festival will or out of date evoking the Festival.
Festival activities will inform the contact person of the film.
The contact person making the entry represents the holders of registered film, responsible for its originality and ceded rights to Girona par Film Festival was exhibited to the public non-profit.

The jury is composed of a chairman and other members totalling an odd number. If someone failed and the number is even, the Jury President may exercise voting honour.
The jury envisions movies, meets to deliberate and vote to lead the verdict.
Methods / models, to discuss:
a) discusses film and film considers the possibility of any merit or distinction of being discarded. So on to lead the verdict.
b) Each member of the jury award nominations proposed and put to discussion.
c) Or other forms decided by the president or a majority of members or e Festival itself.
The result of the deliberation of the jury are secret until after giving the award in the Past, unless it is otherwise noted.

Registration implies acceptance of these rules.
If force majeure forced to amend the rules, the changes are written and published again.

Best Short Film for his screenplay, direction and production.
DO BETTER SHORT by its script, direction and production. Not warned in advance to the winners of this section.
BEST PERFORMANCE includes the actor or actress.
BEST MUSIC, gathering the composer of the original music.
Best Documentary
BEST Jewish Film Festival for his script, direction and production. The collection director, producer and screenwriter, or someone representing them.
BEST SERIES for its screenplay, direction and production
BEST FILM WITHOUT BARRIERS for its screenplay, direction and production.
BEST FILM Advertising and Special Mentions advertising
SPECIAL MENTIONS photography, art direction, editing, special effects, soundtrack, content.

The prize is a trophy. Its value is in the category of the Festival and its jury.
The beneficiary collects himself or someone representing him.
Palm officially announced the night and the prize is collected there.
No winner realizes exceptionally realizes some international award.

9 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Martin Sagadin

    Great communication, very helpful programming team! Thank you very much for a great experience! :)

    December 2016
  • false
    Mônica Abreu Machado

    Adorei participar do festival, gostaria muito de ter ido a Girona e participado das festas. Recomendo a todos! VIVA O CINEMA!

    November 2016
  • false
    Julio Lamaña

    Fine!! Nice Festival. Very prou to assist! Felices de poder participar. Un festival muy interesante

    October 2016
  • false
    Ahmad Al Hajj

    One of the best film festival which my film has ever screening on it.
    Thank you

    October 2016
  • false
    Gabriel Rios

    Un evento hermoso y espectacular. UN placer haber participado en este grandioso festival. Mis saludos a todos los organizadores y participantes , verdaderamente una maravilla.

    October 2016