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The Globe International Silent Film Festival
"Where Pictures create an international language."
Our goal is to focus on the picture as the basic structure of cinema as an art.
We believe the silent era of cinema (1895-1930) has made the picture and mise en scène richer and more powerful. Although by introducing of sound in cinema we've been passed that era a long time ago but still silent cinema is carrying a great part of avant-garde and artistic films. GISFF aimed to gather, screen and respect these creative films.

Awards & Prizes

3rd GISFF Awards and Prizes are:

-πŸ† Best Fiction Film
-πŸ† Best Documentary Film
-πŸ† Best Animation Film
-πŸ†Best Experimental Film
-πŸ† Best Director
-πŸ† Best Student Film
-πŸ† Special Jury Award
-πŸ† Special Audience Award
-πŸ† The Creativity Award
-πŸ† The Secretary's choice

Rules & Terms

1. Filmmakers from all over the world are allowed to submit their films for the International competition via FilmFreeway .
2. The festival only accepts "silent" films. This means films cannot contain dialogues or narrations but using sound effects and score (music soundtrack) is acceptable.
3. Usage of intertitles is acceptable. (In case the language of intertitles is other than English, they must be subtitled into English.)
4. There is no limit for the quantity of submissions per filmmaker.
5. As an expectation there is no limit for the film's production year.
6. The deadline date will not be extended.
7. By completing the submission process, submitter accepts the festival's terms and regulations.
8. Films accepted for the festival and scheduled for screening are not allowed to quit.
9. Unpredicted cases will be decided by the festival's official secretariat and submitters will be informed about them.

4 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Giordano Torreggiani

    It was a big pleasure for me partecipate and arrive as finalist at this festival! it was the first festival that selected my shortmovie, after this there were another 80 or so brought me luck.
    I hope will continue to grow as it deserves.
    Thanks for all!

    Giordano Torreggiani

    March 2017
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    Response from festival:

    Dear Giordano,
    Thank you so much for your kind review. Hope to have you with another great silent film again and we wish all the best for you and your precious film.

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    Kimia Eyzad Panah

    A wonderful and great film festival !

    March 2017
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    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much dear Kimia. Hope we can have you with us again in the upcoming years of the festival.

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    Skip Shea

    Great communication. A wonderful and welcoming community.

    March 2017
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    Response from festival:

    Proud to have you in the GISFF family.

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    Katharina Blanken

    Dear Festival Team,
    I recognized at your homepage, that my film won as Best Experimental, but I've never got this info from you or an anwser of my emails. I know it was your first festival, but please ... some words would be nice.

    June 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Dear Katharina,
    We deeply apologize for this miscoordination that we went through. Last year was the first year of the festival and we were facing some difficulties. We hope we can have you with us again with another great silent film and we hope we can make it up to you.