"Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but the best thing that young filmmakers should do is to get hold of a camera and some film and make a movie of any kind at all."
-Stanley Kubrick

MONTHLY ONLINE FESTIVAL WITH AWARDS AND LIVE SCREENINGS. All WINNERS will have a live screening in Colorado at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. WINNERS WILL RECEIVE ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIPS WITH iPitch.tv™ where they can list their pitched films and scripts to major production companies! (See "Awards & Prizes" for more info). Winners will be screened over the course of the school year for an audience of students, faculty, and local production companies. UCCS has received recognition of its film program by the Student Academy Awards, as well as BAFTA, and has a faculty of industry professionals. All winners who request it may receive feedback and critique from this audience. We share our winners with thousands online at the end of each season. International submissions will be screened in front our our judging panel. Selections and Winners will be displayed on our website indefinitely, and will receive award laurels. Students and Independent filmmakers can make their visions come true without a huge budget, and we want to see your incredible work. We are a festival by filmmakers, for filmmakers.

Frostbite is a festival for getting recognition through awards, and helping us show your work to the rest of the world.

Film is the most powerful form of propaganda, and this makes it the most potent art-form. Create with innovation, and do not be afraid to tell your story experimentally. Our panel is made up of present and past film scholars, and they want to see and share your work regardless of its level of experimentation.

Fridays 2017
Dwire Hall theatre 121
1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

WOODWARD is excited to team up with The Frostbite International Film Festival to encourage and empower those aspiring action sports filmmakers. Along with FBIFF we have provided an AWESOME PRIZE OF $500 TOWARD A WEEK OF CAMP AT WOODWARD WEST DURING THE 2017 SEASON!

Come for a week and you will be sold on why Woodward is The Ultimate Summer Camp. Experience all the fun of summer camp, mixed with state-of-the-art facilities for you to take advantage of. When Woodward campers are not getting the hands-on professional instruction they have the whole campus to make memories, friends and have tons of fun.


The award is restricted to campers aged 7-17. Inquire about any additional rules and or restrictions at 661-822-7900. This award expires August 13, 2017.

Awards & Prizes

Our Judges will award:
-Best Feature Film
-Best Narrative Short
-Best Horror Short
-Best Comedy Short
-Best Sci-fi Short
-Best Animated Short
-Best Documentary Short
-Best Experimental
-Best Male-Actor
-Best Female-Actor
-Best Director
-Best Cinematography
-Best Concept
-Best Student Film
-Best Sound Design
-Best Original Score
-Best Special Effects
-Best Practical Effects
-Best Editing
**All awarded films will receive laurels, and be displayed on our website, but only with the filmmakers permission. All officially selected films can receive laurels from our website at their convenience**

**All FROSTBITE International Film Festival Finalist will win a 3 Month Membership to iPitch.tv, and all Winners will win a 1 Year Membership with iPitch.tv, where there will be available to major production companies such asDiscovery Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment Television, New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, Echo Lake Entertainment, Relativity Television, CBS, WEtv, Authentic Entertainment, Forman Productions, Infinity Media Inc., Little Studio Films, Leftfield Pictures, Brian Graden Media. These are only a few of the many companies which search for projects to endorse on iPitch.tv.**

Rules & Terms

1. SUBTITLES- All non-english films are welcome. Even without subtitles. If you can give the film embedded english subtitles that would be great, however we want to see your film regardless. Some of our awards are based on cinematography and acting alone.

2. LENGTH- Short films should be 20 minutes or under, and feature films should be over 45 minutes.

3.COMPLETION TIME- All films must have been completed after January 1, 2015

4. SUBMISSION FORMAT- Submissions will take place only through FilmFreeway, and if you are a winner we will ask you for a link to an uploaded copy of your film on either youtube.com or vimeo.com for our website.

5. CONTENT- This is art. Violence, sex, and language are no obstacle, however if your content is PORNOGRAPHIC IT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

6. FEES- All submission fees are non-refundable

7. PREVIOUS SCREENINGS- Your film is allowed to be public on youtube or vimeo, and if it has previous screenings and awards it is no problem.

8. COPYRIGHT- We are not responsible for your content if you do not have permission to use it. Please make sure all content is yours, all music is original, or you have permission from the artist to use it.

9. RE-SUBMISSION- If you submit and are not selected or do not win, you may re-submit the next month, and be reconsidered relative to the new batch of films.

10. CATEGORIES- If FROSTBITE decides your film fits better in a category other than the one you entered, we reserve the right to move your film into this category where it will still be considered for an award.

11. SCREENSHOTS- FROSTBITE can use screenshots from your film on our Film Freeway page and websites.

12. WOODWARD® ACTION SPORTS SUBMITTERS: Come for a week and you will be sold on why Woodward is The Ultimate Summer Camp. Woodward West Video Production Camp is an Action Sports Filmmakers dream! Surrounded by the best action sports facilities and athletes on the West coast, we created a weeklong program that gives you the opportunity to build your filmmaking skills and knowledge as you experience what it takes to become an expert. Our instructors help guide your passion and the use of our pro gear and studio in the process of filmmaking.

As a video production camper, your week is based on your individual needs. Working with our professional instructors you will be able to learn basic to professional filming technique and video editing. You will have the opportunity to work with the same current equipment used in the industry, as well as Adobe Production Suite software for editing. You may also get the opportunity to shoot one-on-one with pro athletes to capture the type of edit you've been dreaming of creating. Combine all of these skills and showcase your work in our Friday night Digital Media Camp Arts Festival.

The certificate alone is not proof of camper registration and may not be extended or transferred. The certificate has zero cash value. Not available during peak weeks throughout the summer. The award is restricted to campers aged 7-17. Inquire about any additional rules and or restrictions at 661-822-7900. This award expires August 13, 2017.

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    Jonas Rasmussen

    Great festival and communication! Thank you!

    April 2017
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    Response from festival:

    ❤️ Keep up the great work beautiful artist!

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    Daniele Ricci

    Very beautiful festival, it was an honor to attend this

    April 2017
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    Response from festival:

    ❤️ . You had a beautiful film, and we were extremely happy to include you. We hope to see your work in the future. Keep up the good work.

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    Gary Winstead

    It has been a real honor to be selected. Great communication skills by all.

    April 2017
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    Response from festival:

    ❤️ Thank you for being a part of it, we loved your work. Keep filming, and we hope to see more of you. Best of Luck.

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    Mohammad Mohammadian

    Your Festival is very nice, Thank you so much.

    April 2017
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    Response from festival:

    ❤️ Your film was more than very nice, it was incredible! Thanks for submitting, keep up the amazing work, we hope to see your work in the future.

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    Philippe AGRATI

    it's been a real pleasure colaborating with you

    April 2017
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    Response from festival:

    ❤️ You as well. We are lucky to have awesome filmmakers like you entering our festival. Keep the momentum up, and show your stuff to the world!