CineMare International Ocean Film Festival Kiel welcomes ocean themed films from all genres and of all lengths. By bringing the oceans on land, or "the blue to the green", the festival aims to increase awareness of and love for the blue in our blue planet in all its facets.

Awards & Prizes

Seafarer Film Award
Ocean Conservationist Film Award
Ocean Nature Film Award
Ocean Short Film Award
Marine Science Film Award
German Ocean Film Award
Ocean Conservationist Youth Film Award
Audience Choice Award

Rules & Terms

Ocean related films of any length and genre are eligible for submission to the International Ocean Film Festival Kiel. This includes but is not limited to films about sailing, diving, surfing, fishing, environmental activism, marine eco-systems, marine flora and fauna, scientific films, documentaries, animations and fiction films.

Films may be submitted in any language. Films submitted in a language other than either German or English, must have English and / or German subtitles.
By submitting your film to the International Ocean Film Festival Kiel you grant the festival permission to use photos and excerpts of up to 20 seconds of your film to promote the festival. The festival decides where, when, and how often your film is screened during the festival. The festival remains the right to recommend your film to other festivals.

By submitting your film, you further grant the festival a screening fee weaver for the purpose of educational screenings to create awareness for our oceans, at schools, universities and exhibitions, irrespective of weather these screenings charge admission or not. At no time will the festival lend, sell or give unauthorized access to copies of your intellectual property to any third party.