CINEMARE Internationales Meeresfilmfestival Kiel ist offen für Filme aller Längen und Genres, die, am, unter oder auf dem Meer spielen und sich im Spannungsfeld zwischen Meeresschutz, Wissenschaftskommunikation und Filmkunst bewegen. CINEMARE bringt die Ozeane an Land und auf die Kinoleinwand. Das Festival möchte die Aufmerksamkeit für und die Liebe zum Meer fördern und dazu einladen, sich zu seinem Schutz zu engagieren.
CINEMARE ist Mitglied im Green Film Network GFN, in den Arbeitsgemeinschaften AG Filmfestival und AG Dokumentarfilm sowie im Bundesverband Deutscher Kurzfilm.
CINEMARE ist offizieller Partner des IOFF International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco.

CINEMARE International Ocean Film Festival Kiel welcomes ocean themed films from all genres and of all lengths, focusing on topics under, on, or by the sea. A strong emphasis lies on film art, ocean conservation, and science communication. By bringing the oceans on land and onto the cinema screens, the festival aims to increase awareness of and love for the blue in our blue planet in all its facets. CINEMARE views itself as a platform to get involved.
CINEMARE is a member of the international Green Film Network GFN, the German Film Festival Association AG Filmfestival, the German Documentary Film Association AG Dok, the German Short Film Association, and the International Short Film Conference.
CINEMARE is an official partner of the IOFF International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco.

Eine unabhängige Jury aus Wissenschaftler*innen, Filmemacher*innen und Kulturschaffenden verleiht Preise in den folgenden Sektionen:
- Meereschutz
- Wissenschaft
- Seefahrer:innen
- Wassersport
- Kurzfilm
- Newcomer
Das Publilum vergibt einen Langfilm- und einen Kurzfimpreis.

An independent Jury, comprised of filmmakers, scientists, and personalities from the culture sector, gives out awards in the following sections:
- Ocean Conservation
- Science Communication
- Surfing
- Maritime Adventure
- Seafarer
- Short Film
- Newcomer
- German Ocean Film
The audience awards a feature film and a short film.

Filme können in jeder Sprache eingereicht werden. Filme, die nicht auf deutsch oder englisch sind, müssen deutsche oder englische Untertitel haben.
Mit dem Einreichen eines FIlmes beim CINEMARE Internationales Meeresfilmfestival Kiel, gewähren die Rechteinhaber*innen dem Festival das Recht, Photos, Filmstills und Filmausschnitte bis zu einer Länge von 59 Sekunden in Printmedien, online, in Funk und Fernsehen zu verwenden, so lange diese ausschliesslich der Bewerbung des Festivals dienen.
Die Entscheidung wann und wie oft und in welchem Kino ein Film innerhalb des Festivals gezeigt wird, liegt beim Festival. Das Festival zahlt keine Aufführungsgebühren für Filme im Wettbewerb.

Films may be submitted in any language. Films submitted in a language other than either German or English, must have English and / or German subtitles.
By submitting your film to the International Ocean Film Festival Kiel you grant the festival permission to use photos, film stills, and excerpts of up to 59 seconds of your film to promote the festival online, in print media, TV, radio, and cinemas.
The festival reserves the right to decide at which cinema, at what time, and how often your film is screened during the actual days of festival. Usually this means one screening per film. Any screening will always be discussed with you first. The festival doesn't offer screening fees for films in competition.

Overall Rating
  • Lalita Krishna

    An amazing festival run by passionate people with a true love for films and the power of story telling, Till Dietsche is a hard working curator who scours various festivals to find amazing films so its an honour to be included in the festival lineup. They do a lot to promote the festival and have a dedicated following. Honour to be invited and even greater honour to receive an award.

    May 2022
    Logo cinemare jpg
    Response from festival:

    Dear Lalita,
    thank you for your kind words. It was a plaesure to have your wonderful film at our festival. It resonated very well with our audience!
    Your CINEMARE-Team!

  • Christina Karliczek Skoglund

    Lovely festival with a great line-up of films! Communications have been excellent, and the festival team is super-engaged, forthcoming and passionate. I'm rating a year that had to adapt as a digital festival version - the on-ground festival must be an amazing event for networking and meeting passionate ocean folks! Would love to be back anytime!

    May 2021
  • Evripidis Karydis

    Unfortunately I was not able to attend to this year's festival but I have to say that communication with the people of Cinemare festival was excellent . Thank you for screening "The Port".

    November 2019
  • Jonathan Mason

    A fantastic festival run by passionate people. Communication was top notch from the moment we were notified of the selection.
    Although we couldn't attend, we received updates, and their social media posts were well designed and well targeted. We received an additional screening invitation as a result of playing at CineMare. So thanks again to the whole team. A highly recommended experience.

    September 2017