Euroshorts is an international short film festival. It was created 26 years ago (started in 1992). The Festival Premiere takes place in Gdansk, Warszawa Katowice and Zielona Góra, then the event reaches the art galleries and cultural centres in 15 more cities of Poland. The Festival does not have a high budget, but it has a large audience, unique atmosphere and it is totally independent. The presentations of fiction, documentary, animation, experimental films and creative commercials serve the basic aim - to promote and support young filmakers.
Euroshorts is open to first films and student films.

The 2016 Catalogue can be seen here:

Awards & Prizes

Grand Prix - The Mayor of Gdańsk Award: 3000 PLN
The Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodship Awards 750 PLN each, for: Fiction, Animation, Documentary, Experimental

Rules & Terms

26 EUROSHORTS International Film Festival
2017 "Young Filmmakers"
Gdańsk, Warszawa, Katowice, Zielona Góra, Poland,
November 27th - December 3, 2017

- Festival Regulations
We invite short films shot in Europe and in other Continents in 2016-2017, not exceeding 30 minutes in length. The film contest is open to all films, including first films and students' films (fiction, documentary, animation and experimental).
The festival offers comfortable screening rooms, screening equipment and good viewers. The programming directors from some of the TV stations and the managers of culture will be invited to visit the Festival. We kindly request of the filmmakers, producers and film studios to make their films available to us. The selection group will make a selection of the films and will qualify the most interesting ones for the International Contest.

The screenings will be held during the Euroshorts 2017 Festival in Gdansk at the ‘South Baltic Cultural Centre in Gdansk and subsequently in Warsaw, Zielona Góra and Katowice, between November 27th and December 3rd, 2017. The films may be shown also in 15 other Polish cities as a part of the Festival Tour of Poland (if the producer of each film agrees).

The films should be submitted exclusively through the FilmFreeway platform
The cost of submission is 25 US Dollars (about 100 Polish Zlotys). The payment will cover the administrative fee of FilmFreeway and will help to proceed with the selection.

Some of the films accepted for the contest may be published on Euroshorts vol. 9 DVD which would be produced in 1000 copies and distributed for further promotion, free of charge. Every producer whose film would be published on DVD will receive a certain number of complimentary copies of the disc. In the Entry Form, please indicate whether you agree to such an additional promotion of your film and whether you authorize the Festival to put your film on the DVD if selected.
Euroshorts Jury will offer the Awards, and the form of Awards depends on our Sponsors.

About 60 films will be selected for competition. They will be considered for awards and the Jury will select the best film in each category:
· Best Fiction Film
· Best Documentary Film
· Best Animation Film
· Best Experimental Film

The jury will look for films that in a simple, perfect form talk about important subjects concerning contemporary life.
The Grand Prix, a special prize for the best film of the Festival, may also be given.
The Jury will consist of filmmakers, art historians, journalists, designers and cultural events' organizers. Members of the Jury will watch films individually or during public screenings and the decision will be made during the meeting, with all the Jurors present or on the basis of their written statements. The Festival Director is responsible for the accuracy of work of the Jury.

Special contests for viewers, such as the "We Film The Cities of Poland!", may be organized during the Euroshorts 2017 Festival. These contests have their separate regulations. The Young Cinema Foundation Board will decide whether and when to start these contests.

Important information:
By sending the film to the preselection of the 26th Euroshorts 2017 International Film Festival, you authorize the Young Cinema Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Warsaw, Poland (the Euroshorts organizer), to screen the film during the 2017 Euroshorts Festival, for promotional reasons, as a part of the Foundation's statutory activity. The Foundation will not be required to pay any fee to the copyright owner and/or to the people involved in the production. This permission will extend to 15 other screenings in main cities of Poland during the Euroshorts Regional Tour when you check the appropriate box in the Entry Form.
Some of the selected films may be published on Euroshorts DVD vol. 9 (if their producers agree by checking the appropriate box in the Entry Form).
The participants send the films on their own expense. After the Festival, the preview material will not be returned.

Warsaw, March 15, 2017

More information:
Euroshorts European Film Festival
Phone +48 507 014 857 (office in Warsaw, Poland)

5 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Abdel Fiftybayev

    Thanks for everything, you guys are great!)

    September 2017
  • false
    Roberto Flores

    Great international film festival. A very large selection of short films. A true honor to have a short film selected in the 2016 edition.

    January 2017
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    Tibo Pinsard

    I was very glad to have one of my films selected at Euroshorts 2016! A festival made by true film lovers!

    December 2016
  • false
    Travis Alexander

    Inspirational film festival to be a part of. I had a great experience!!

    December 2016
  • false
    Yama Rauf

    It was an honor to be part of this years festival.

    December 2016