Between September 31.08 - 04.09, 2021, Central European Film Festival invites you to the fifth edition of the event, invites you to the New Reality, in several spaces in Timisoara (Great Hall of the West University, Art House, Summer Garden) . In these moments, in which everyday reality is overloaded with changes, we are the apostles of a new reality, one of fiction through film. This year's theme - The new reality is a theme that is open to the game of imagination and reality. The Impossible Impossible Vs. the impossible possible. The Great Reset we are talking about will become the Great Disconnect for five days. A challenge for each of you that is not related to digital transformation or value changes. We do not aim to become vulnerable, but to discover the idea of ​​happiness of each of us on the road from the new reality to the film. We challenge you to try the emotions of the screen, to save yourself from a monochrome life through the film, during five days of the festival in which the imaginary episodes will be sprinkled with awakenings to what we live, through the screenings of documentaries within a newly introduced section for this year, that of documentation.

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