OUR OBJECTIVE is to put filmmakers into action with their contribution to help spread messages with values that attract attention and try to provoke reactions in society that help change the world.

This contest has a different profile than other traditional festivals. We do not have a deadline for audiovisual production, so we can enter new productions and also others that are already outside the traditional distribution period of other festivals.

​​WE WANT to give a new life to many "human rights" thematic audiovisuals that sleep published openly on YouTube and Vimeo. All that creative effort cannot be stored in oblivion, we want to recover them and re-disseminate them in the most viral and massive way that we can.

All the "OFFICIAL SELECTION" will receive a digital certificate and supporting laurels.

Additionally, the "BEST SELECTION" will receive as a prize the invitation to be part of the ERRONKA MUNDUAN CATALOG for broadcast on all TV's and collaborating entities, in addition to their digital certificate and accrediting laurels.

English version: 2023


​ERRONKA MUNDUAN (EM) (Reto por el mundo – Challenge for the world) is a social mobilization challenge that invites everyone to participate in raising awareness for coexistence and human rights through audiovisuals that will be broadcast on TV's and Social Networks.

​EM is a project approved by the Directorate of Human Rights, Victims and Diversity of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government, promoted and produced by the Kursaal Kino Cultural Association (A2K).


• Duration of the audiovisual. They will be classified into three groups: 1 to 3 min., 3 to 15 min. and more than 15 min.
• Audiovisual genre must promote the values ​​of coexistence, human rights and diversity.
• Each participant can register the audiovisuals that he wishes.
• There is no deadline by which the audiovisual has to be made.
• Audiovisuals accessible by Youtube (in hidden mode) or Vimeo (with access code).
• Languages: The audiovisual in any language, but with subtitles in Spanish or Basque.
• Works from any country are accepted.
• The registration must be made by the director of the audiovisual, the producer or by the owners legal representatives of the distribution of the audiovisual (hereinafter participant), who must have the rights to the contents of the work and the rest of the materials that contribute .

a) .- Format 16: 9, 1: 1
b) .- MP4, MOV, AVI are supported.

1.- Registration from January 7 to March 31, 2023.
2.- Exhibition from May 1 to July 31, 2023.
3.- Gala for Human Rights on Friday, June 30, 2023, with a screening of a selection of films representing all the participants.

4 /.- AWARDS:
All the "OFFICIAL SELECTION" will receive a digital certificate and supporting laurels. Additionally, the "BEST SELECTION" will receive as a prize the invitation to be part of the ERRONKA MUNDUAN CATALOG for broadcast on all TV's and collaborating entities, in addition to their digital certificate and accrediting laurels.

Registration can be done on Festhome and FilmFreeway platforms.

Once the audiovisual has been selected, it will not be possible to withdraw or change the audiovisual on YouTube or Vimeo from that moment. The participant agrees to keep his selected audiovisual accessible to ERRONKA MUNDUAN, on YouTube (in hidden mode) or Vimeo (with access code), for the duration of the dissemination campaign established in the programming.

A Jury chosen by ERRONKA MUNDUAN will determine the audiovisuals to give them a greater public diffusion.


ERRONKA MUNDUAN ( Reto por el mundo - Challenge for the world )
San Sebastián (Spain / Spain)
email: erronka.munduan @ gmail . com

In order to respect the rights of third parties and to avoid anomalous situations in the development of the project, it is communicated that:

7.a) .- PROTECTION OF MINORS. ERRONKA MUNDUAN (EM) is aimed at all audiences, but EM and A2K cannot control the access of minors. For this reason, EM and A2K cannot accept any responsibility in this regard, warning that parents and guardians will be solely responsible for controlling and assisting minors in browsing the EM pages and the festival's website, and they will be the same responsible for enabling any other necessary mechanisms that, where appropriate, prevent access by minors, EM and A2K not admitting any responsibility or claim in this regard.

7.b) .- CONTENT OF THE AUDIOVISUALS. The participant who registers an audiovisual in ERRONKA MUNDUAN (EM) must have all the intellectual property rights (music, script, etc.), image rights and public distribution by any means necessary for this, he will be legally responsible for the content. of the same, they will be responsible for its content and for how many declarations, obligations and responsibilities are assumed by the fact of participation in accordance with the bases contained in this document. The audiovisuals cannot contain any type of illicit or pornographic material, or that violates any third party right or against the values ​​and principles of the EM project. The participant will be solely and exclusively responsible for the claims received by EM, A2K or the jury for this reason, exempting them from any liability arising from their use and assuming the economic or other responsibilities that may arise.

7.c) .- RIGHTS OF AUDIOVISUALS. Participation in ERRONKA MUNDUAN (EM) supposes the free assignment by the participants, without any territorial limitation and for the time established for the diffusion in the programming, of all the rights of reproduction, public communication, making available and distribution of the audiovisuals presented to the EM project (including fragments or trailers thereof and any type of graphic material, if required): (i) for their inclusion and dissemination on the EM website, in any of its editions, and in any other section of the EM website; (ii) in other media of public and/or private entities that participate collaborating with this project; (iii), for cultural and non-profit purposes. Participants assume that EM will be able to communicate the name of the winners by any means of communication.

8 /.- CATALOG.
At the end of the exhibition period of the CONTEST and in order to continue with the work of valuing the effort for human rights, the filmmakers will be invited to participate in the ERRONKA MUNDUAN CATALOG, which has the same objectives but with an indefinite duration. In the event that the Author of the work wishes to unsubscribe temporarily or permanently, they only have to request it by email to ERRONKA MUNDUAN.


In the event that: (i) there were no participants, (ii) the follow-up was lower than expected, or (iii) the quality of the audiovisuals was not the minimum required by ERRONKA MUNDUAN (EM) and / or the Jury, the awards they may be declared void or this edition of the project may be canceled. It may also be modified or canceled, in whole or in part, and the project postponed, even once it has started, due to force majeure circumstances under consideration by EM.

ERRONKA MUNDUAN may withdraw from the project any audiovisual that does not meet the participation requirements required in these RULES or does not comply with them.

In case of translation of these Terms and Conditions into any other language, the Spanish version will always prevail.

The person in charge of the personal data that is provided as a result of participation in the ERRONKA MUNDUAN (EM) project is A2K, which will treat them in accordance with the applicable regulations in Spain and according to the EM privacy policy, which you can also find both in the EM registration forms as in a permanent link at the bottom of our website.

For any litigious issue that may arise from ERRONKA MUNDUAN, the participants in this project expressly waive any jurisdiction that may correspond to them, and expressly submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of San Sebastián (Spain).


Overall Rating
  • An online casket for worldwide jems of complaint and hope. I really enjoyed the screenings. And the beautiful dragon on the laurel is a nice bonus :) Thank you so much for featuring my work.

    October 2023
  • vahid davidpour

    Thank's every body and good exprince

    September 2023
  • Muchas gracias!
    It has been an honour to take part in this beautiful festival.

    August 2023
  • Jose Carvalho

    I am honored, happy and grateful to have participated in this excellent and very important Film Festival in the beautiful city of Donostia. Many congratulations for the greatness of your work
    Best regards!

    José A. Carvalho

    August 2023
  • David Pascual

    Gracias por la oportunidad que dais a todas las personas que quieren mostrar su trabajo.

    August 2023