EKS FEST is a new EXTREME SPORTS and EXPERIMENTAL film festival happening in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Eks Fest is one of the few European film festivals dedicated to these genres - the only one combining them both.

The festival aims to bring films outside the cinema, encourage experimentation and inspire for creativity and freshness!

We hope to build a sustainable and creative community and most importantly we want to have fun with film!

When choosing the films to show we bear in mind the creativity, the experimentation, unusual use of things and form. Think limitless. Go crazy, exceed expectations, push the boundaries of ideas and experiment!

On your mark, get set, ACTION!

You can submit both short and feature films, the films have to be between 3 minutes and 1,5 hours in length
The deadline for submitting a film is 18th of August, 2016
You must submit the film together with a transcript of it in English, the film can be in ANY LANGUAGE. If it has subtitles- only English ones, please
The submitted video can be filmed using any kind of camera (digital, phone, analog, self-made, etc.) and it can be in any kind of form (animation, stop-motion, etc.)
There are no age or experience limits. You can be a professional or amateur filmmaker, as well as it can be your first time holding the camera

The submitted video should be filmed after June 2015, meaning not older than a year
The submitted video should be H.264 video in .mov or .mp4 container
The submitted video should be the final version of it, no rough cuts
The video cannot include hate speech, excessive violence or any other kind of discriminatory actions

When submitting your film to EKS FEST you agree that the video and/or screenshots can be used for publicity purposes of the festival. The festival gains the rights to use and modify (only if necessary for screening purposes) the video and/or screenshots for the festival needs this (2016) or any other year
When submitting film to EKS FEST you agree for public screening of your film

We can't wait to watch your film! ( :

Overall Rating
  • Michael Lyons

    The festival has the unique and interesting concept of combining extreme sports and experimental film screenings. Communications were smooth and seamless. Recommended!

    September 2016