After a tough year especially for all artists and creatives - where we yet managed to organize a splendid live event - we are ready for the third edition of our "E&U European Short Film Festival" in September 2021.

We warmly welcome all filmmakers from the European Union to join our celebration of the diverse film culture within Europe.
During three days we present your short films at the open-air venue "Teves-Gelände". The Teves area is located right in the center of Frankfurt am Main, probably the most international city in Germany. This unique site in the urban and vivid Gallus district provides an inspiring space for several social associations and authentic artists. Here we treat our open-minded audience with freshly prepared food and beverages for low costs and great live music before the films start.

Be our guest and participate in our European competition. For a fair submission fee you can win one (or more) of our six endowed awards.

Read more about our awards and rules & terms below and submit your work here on FilmFreeway. For more information please visit our website or contact us directly.
We are always happy to help and look forward to your great short films!

Please furthermore note our CORONAVIRUS STATEMENT:

Like all live events everywhere in the world we are bound to current coronavirus regulations given by the state or the city. People's health and safety are the most important issues and in everybody's interest after all.

We can only sincerely promise trying to make our film festival happen. We do not guarantee the event nor a screening. Pandemic or similar circumstances may appear that we just cannot foresee.
Please understand that therefore all submissions and costs are taken at your own risk, with a theoretic possibility of cancellation without refunds or compensations.

However, our last event in the same time period of 2020 can be called a big success. Having a professional and experienced festival and event team, and being connected to the administration of the City of Frankfurt, we are sure we can set up a fun and safe film festival once more, with a benefit both for you - the fantastic filmmakers - and our dear visiting fellow citizens.

Thank you for taking time and for caring.

Best Short Film from the European Union

Winner - 300 €
Finalist - 200 €
Semi-Finalist - 100 €

3 x Audience Award - 100 € each live screening event

Please read and mind the above CORONAVIRUS STATEMENT before submitting.
Below you find all our rules and terms. Each of these points is mandatory, but none of them is unusual for a film festival. We tried to keep it simple and transparent and rely on our positive experiences with the international film scene so far:

Only short films coming from within the European Union will be accepted.
It's supposed to be a decent competition, so please name the country of origin (where you, your team or your film production are mainly located) in your entry data.

A submission does not necessarily mean that your film is shown at the screening event. A jury of film experts and filmmakers on a professional level selects the "best ones" only, which simply indicates these films just fit best into our programming idea of the respective festival edition.
If not selected, please don't feel disappointed, but rather reassured to try again some other time with a new film project. Sometimes it takes a detour to reach your goals.

Dialogue of submitted short films must be in German or English and/or must be subtitled in German or English (if possible hard-coded).

All short films must have a maximum total running time of up to 20 minutes.

All submissions must be made via FilmFreeway.

As it is the easiest way, we prefer online links to the projects, normally on the FilmFreeway platform itself. All common digital formats are accepted, just please be aware, the better the quality of picture and sound, the better your chances are of winning one of the awards and prizes.

Your film does not have to be exclusive for us, which means you can show or submit it somewhere else at the same time as well. We would just love to see all your great works, but films should not be much older than two or three years to maintain a good chance at the competition.

We endorse and are open to all forms or genres of entertaining, bold and fresh shorts.
But films that are discriminatory and/or are against a common democratic sense, for example clearly promoting sexism, will be disqualified from the competition.

Female filmmakers should feel most encouraged to join our festival. The quality of the content counts in the end, however we will try our very best to achieve an equal gender participation.

Please understand that we cannot give refunds for submissions that do not match the described criteria.

The submitters declare to hold all intellectual property rights or utilization permissions to the submitted work.
As we intend to help and support emerging filmmakers, submitters agree that we may use all connected material (like photos, posters or film trailers) for marketing and promotion purposes, for example on our festival website.

As usual all decisions concerning the competitions and the event are solely at the discretion of the jury and the festival organization.
Recourse to the courts is excluded for disputes.

With each film entry the submitters declare that they agree and hold on to all rules and terms mentioned above.

We look forward to your exciting films.
Thank you and best of luck!

-E&U Festival Organization

Most essential criteria for films =

(Please still read the complete rules & terms section, as it gives more orientation and is legally binding for all submitters.)

- EU members only
- understandable in German or English
- 20 min. max

Overall Rating
  • Great festival! Very serious and amazing communication! If you have a shot film don’t miss this festival! And I am very honoured that my short film The Lost Pen won second place at the festival. Thank you E&U European Short Film Festival !

    October 2021
  • Sascha Senicer

    Well organized, great films, wonderful location and so much fun. Thanks for everything. See you next year!

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the props, Sascha. We can only return the compliment and hope to see you again in September 2021, maybe with another great film that fits our program so well.

  • Charlotte Wallis

    Extremely well organised and communicated Festival.

    July 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your great screenplay, Charlotte. Unfortunately, we don't have this competition anymore, but as soon as you have realized one of your scripts into a short film, please let us know.
    (Even if sadly the UK is not part of the EU anymore right now...)

  • Many thanks for the Award.

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    Our great opening film in 2019.
    Check out Serkan's versatile profile on FilmFreeway by clicking on his picture...

  • Thank you very much for everything, I wish the festival the greatest hits.

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your kind review, Tânia.