>> Important info: we are hosting a special coral-focused edition of our festival this year as well. Building on the success of last years all virtual "Saving Corals - ICRS Filmfestival" we will be hosting a live event in Bremen for all guests of the International Coral Reef Symposium and the general public. Submit your films by the end of February here! <<

We are back with the "DEEPWAVE Filmfestival for the Protection of the Ocean"! The festival is an all-evening event for students, scientists, stakeholders of marine conservation and the general public. It's for all those who want an intense dive into the sea, its beauties and threats.

We specialize in a highly curated choreography. While we love high-quality short films, our utmost focus is for all movies, invited experts and experiences to be connected and seamlessly flow together - in the spirit of our oceans and their inhabitants.

An example from our last edition would be the film "DEEP TIME", where the film's creators Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen could discuss and revel in the experience of deep-sea exploration with invited guests the likes of Dr. Antje Boetius and Dr. Rolf Koppelmann. But the setting allowed the dive into deep-sea mining ethics and the dark implications of shady politics and greed - when exploration turns into exploitation.

One of our favourite moments was when the central character of the film "REPICORE | Research in Melanesia" joined us on stage, Dr. Sebastian Ferse, and told us about the devastating impacts of coral extinction. The discussion with Dr. Götz Reinicke sparked hard emotions, as a nearly complete loss of coral reefs by 2050 seems likely - even if we stop polluting the climate now. But a feeling of community in the audience and the repeated assessment of all present scientists, that true change leads to true impact, turned it around.

Even the catering, provided by a local zero waste store, has been selected to nourish guests in a sustainable manner and was a welcome addition to the brainfood on screen.

I could go on: the opening speech of actor Frederik Götz about the importance of transformative fear, the visit from filmmaker Faye Meijer, etc. We hopely brought a strong memory to all guests and created some food for thought and reason to change.

We thank everyone for attending, everyone who went out there with a camera to return with a piece of art and last but not least all who helped make this possible, the team, our donors, every partner and all who were involved in the in-house production of the short film "ONNO".

So, next round it is.

Help us to create a second memorable evening by submitting your movie, share it among your peers or suggest filmmakers we should contact.
We are looking for short length movies and videos of all genres about the ocean and its protection – politically, rousingly, enlighteningly, documenting, thrilling and to marvel.

The main topic this year will again be Coral Reefs and the Deep Sea (we will sadly have to make these a topic every year until they are saved), but we would like to include Climate Change as a topic that spans all else. And if you even have something about an often overlooked topic like Noise Mitigation we would be very grateful.

If your movie stars interesting personas who happen to live in a region accessible by train to Hamburg, we would love to invite them.

The festival is going to take place at the Lichtmess cinema on the 10th of June. There is no entrance fee and catering is also free.

1. DEEPWAVE Filmfestival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional, educational, advertisement purposes. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

2. It is the filmmaker´s responsibility to have all valid and correct copyright and licenses for their film.

3. All films must be in German or English, otherwise with English or German subtitles.

4. The films have a length of maximum 30 min.

5. The festival doesn`t offer screening fees.

Overall Rating
  • Although I myself wasn't able to attend the film festival the protagonist of my documentary took part in a plenary discussion after the film and really liked the festival:
    "I attented the DEEPWAVE film festival last year for a screening of a short documentary made by filmmaker and photographer Tom Vierus about a research project I led in the South Pacific, and together with several distinguished panelists participated in a discussion with the audience afterwards.
    It was a great experience, with a very interesting selection of movies, a highly interested audience that engaged in a well-informed discussion with the panelists, and particularly with a superb team organizing the event. Their energy and dedication to the ocean and to bringing this event to life truly shows, and I felt extremely well taken-care off both in the preparation and the event itself.
    A small but shining gem in the north of Germany. A big thank you to the organizers!"
    Keep up the great work!!

    March 2020
  • Julia Barnes

    Although I did not attend the festival in person, I was happy for the opportunity to share my film with the audience at Deepwave film festival. The organizers communication was great and I heard good things about the screening. Thanks for putting on a festival about important ocean issues!

    February 2020
  • Although we had an invitation from another nature film festival, we gladly decided to go to DEEPWAVE festival in Hamburg, a brilliant one-day festival focusing on ocean and ocean conservation issues.

    This year´s festival had a strong emphasis on films about the deep ocean and threats to coral habitats, with a strong scientific component.

    The organizers managed to gather an excellent scientific panel, with who the audience actively discussed the films and topics covered.

    Great moderation and organization including catering, and a good opportunity to meet people caring about the future of our oceans.

    Thank you to the organizers for inviting us to show our film DEEP TIME, we´ll definitely be back!

    January 2020
  • Faye Meijer

    Wonderfully organised by and for truly engaged people.

    October 2019