MANIFESTO What is Craft Cinema?

Craft products are associated with sophisticated taste, multifaceted flavours, quality ingredients, a personal touch, passion, and copious talent involved in the production process. All of this applies to craft cinema in particular. It is a result of boutique microproduction that lacks the support of big industry and important institutions but fights for its independent viewpoint.

Craft means auteur cinema par exellence created by people who often sacrifice their sleep and private lives for the sole sake of expressing what they could not leave unexpressed.

Its common features include:

- auteur point of view;
- distinctive personal style;
- high quality of all its components with attention to details;
- off-"big industry";

- not (or scarcely) supported by mainstream institutions;

- independently and self-produced;

- with limited distribution (not necessarily but it often happens).

Such stylistic and production "restrictions" often suppose micro-budget as well, but the budget amount is not a defining criteria.

The most important characteristic of craft cinema is that it comes straight from the heart. And this is priceless.

Audience price will be given to the film that our audience has enjoyed the most. It will be our audience the ones with the power to select the winning film.
Price to be announced in a couple of months.

DIY, indie , micro-budget independent and self-financed international FEATURE FILM ONLY -
All genre : animation, fiction, fantastic, horror, experimental
No preview screening of the film in Barcelona, Spain.
The film cannot be on display to be viewed on online platforms in Spain.

Overall Rating
  • Diana Galimzyanova

    My debut feature The Lightest Darkness was screened at Craft Film Fest. Unfortunate i wasn't able to attend, but the communication was perfect. And the festival stuff did the tremendous amount of work promoting the festival, with real media coverage and all. They also were amazing enough to translate Spanish subtitles for my film. I wish nothing but the best to the wonderful people who run the festival. I hope I'll be able to attend it in the future when it's gonna become even bigger, cos with this kinda dedication it will for sure.

    April 2018
  • Sangwoo Lee

    Although I couldn't make it to the festival, the communication was excellent. I wish I could attend the film fest next year for the new film.

    June 2017
  • Michał Węgrzyn

    Super! This festival has incredible energy.

    April 2017
  • Cati and Mike Gonzalez

    We were very fortunate to attend the inaugural 1st Craft Film Festival BCN event in Barcelona for the premiere of our Film and we were really impressed by the great hospitality we received by all of the festival team members. We met the Founder Vanessa, who is just a lovely and wholesome person with great vibes. The Festival showcased some really awesome films and totally stands by the "Craft" credo in support of the true Indie Filmmaker and projects with Low to No budget. We thank the CFFBCN for selecting our Film this year and wish them the best to come in the years ahead. We completely recommend Filmmakers to submit their Films to this Festival. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

    Viva Craft!!

    April 2017
  • Yaser Talebi

    "This is a great festival my film was in. Craft Festival was professional and communicated extremely well. Looking forward to submitting again. Highly recommend"

    April 2017