Cosmopolitan Film Festival is an annual festival dedicated to short films from around the world.

Cosmopolitan by name and nature as we encourage diversity and multi-cultural short films. We want to truly reflect the international filmmaking community as well as showcase fresh talent from all filmmakers - no matter the age or the subject matter.

The annual screening will take place in the United Kingdom (city/venue) to be announced soon. In line with COVID-19 regulations, the event will be hosted in the summer of 2021 (this may change due to the ongoing pandemic).

The 2021 Grand Prize/Short of the Year: $1000 + award
Selected Short Films will receive a finalist award.

Live action/Animated short films of any genre are permitted (with the exception of documentaries/web series/television pilots and music videos).

Time length:
Please ensure films are 40 minutes or less (including closing credits and/or title sequence.

Cosmopolitan by name and nature. Open to filmmakers of all origins.

Welcoming all origins/cultures and language (English Subtitles must be provided if in a foreign language).

Production/Release date:
Shorts films must be completed and/or released on or after 1st January 2018.

Premiere status:
We will accept short films that have had previous festival screenings and/or publicly available on the internet.

By submitting your short film to Cosmopolitan Film Festival you hereby agree that you have copyright of this production and have licensing for any copyrighted material (such as musical soundtrack, sound effects, stock footage).