The CINEDITA festival is a competition for short films made at secondary and university level.
This festival originated in the classroom, in 2016, where Multimedia students were asked to create a short film Festival. The idea was expanded with the Multimedia class and the Multimedia technicians of the School Grouping and in the 1st and 2nd edition it had a partnership in the organization of the Youth Association CUME (Cultura) (Urgent Culture for Energetic Change).
CINEDITA takes place within the professional courses of Multimedia Technician and Video Technician involving our students in the production of the festival and aims to stimulate cinematographic culture and cultural exchange. The cinedita has the support of the Municipality of Arganil and several partners and support for dissemination.

Best movie winner, 400€
Best movie from each category: Animations, documentary, experimental and fiction, 150€
For each prize all winners wins the cinedita award.