The CINE ANIMAL FEST, is an event, organized and presented in the city of Bogotá-Colombia, dedicated to demonstrate the injustice of our behavior towards other animals, and show the solutions that we can generate from our daily habits.

-Best Short Film Fiction
-Best Documentary Short Film
-Best Feature Fiction
-Best Feature Film
-Best Animation
-Best Experimental
-Best Music Clip
-Wings of Freedom (best animal liberation message)
-Bear Claw (Best Screenplay)
-Peacock Feather ( Original and creative work)
-Animal Planet (Best work of environmental and animal conscience)
-Peace for Animals (animals out of the war)
-Cotton-Top Tamarin (best Colombian work)
-Puppy Look (best work directed to children)
-Chrysalis (best transformation message)
-Great Spider Monkey (Better message and reflection that invites action)
-Owl Eyes (The work with the wisest message)
-We are all Animals (The best work he proposes erases the line we have traditionally marked, to differentiate ourselves from all other animals)
-End of speciesism (The best work whose focus is on questioning and deconstructing, the prevailing system of oppression and injustice against other animals: speciesism)

1 The organization "EvoluZOOn-Thought & Action for the Life and Freedom of Animals", invites national and international filmmakers to participate in the 5nd CINE ANIMAL FEST to be held between the months of October to November in Bogotá-Colombia. For the selection of works that form part of V CINE ANIMAL FEST be considered short, Cinema minutes, Colombian and foreign feature films in the genres documentary, fiction, animation, experimental, video clip; spoken in Spanish or another language will takes Spanish subtitles.

2. Audiovisual works should address the following issues

A. Animal Liberation
B. Anti speciesism
C. Animal Rights
D. Anti Bullfighting
E. Anti vivisection
F. Animals Street
G. Animal Shows
H. Animal Extinction
I. Animals for human consumption
J. Veganism
H. Anti furskins
I. Wild Animals

3. A necessary condition is that the films are spoken or subtitled in Spanish.

4. It is essential that all the films in the animal area always seek to build awareness, respect, empathy and audience analysis

5 Receipt of material selection in the competition will be February 10, to May 13, 2020.

6 A Selection Committee will select the films to be screened on the festival, also from the official site and in their social networks the list of the selected films were previously displayed.

7 To be confirmed films are received in social networks the poster of the film with Stills thereof is raised.

9. CINE ANIMAL FEST may use films for promotion.

10. CINE ANIMAL FEST not pay any amount for exhibition rights for selected films in competition.

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Overall Rating
  • A lovely festival, good movies, nice people!

    February 2024
  • Patrick Brazier

    Very helpful and friendly team, many thanks again for showing my short film!

    January 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much for having made this wonderful short film, which shows a problem that not only affects humans, but also other animals ... It was a real honor for us to have been able to present your short film and we hope to have other works of yours, in next editions of the festival.

    A warm hug from Colombia!

  • Nicholas Snyder

    Such a great festival with so many good films, a remarkable organization and an excellent communication. It's amazing to see these type of events, which are truly inspiring, dedicating their time for a great cause! Thank you very much for the nomination and the prize, I'm so honored to have been part of it. Good luck and keep up the great work! I highly recommend this festival!

    December 2019
    Response from festival:

    Wooaww thank you very much for your words!

    It is a great motivator to continue building for animals and their freedom.

    It was a true honor to have this wonderful documentary at the festival and hopefully, in some next opportunity we will have again one of your productions and with you in person, that would be great!

  • A wonderful and important festival championing various kinds of films on animal rights. Thank you very much for the invitation and many thanks for the awards and appreciation of my work!

    December 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks to you and the entire team of "Dream Box" for the realization of this authentic and different work, loaded with that powerful message and that contemplative way that gives way to a deep reflection.

    More than deserved the award, it was a real honor to share this film with the audience, a big hug from Colombia and we hope to have your new projects in future editions of the festival ...

  • CINE ANIMAL Bogotá is a professional, fun and warm festival with a real cause, a very rare combination that all filmmakers are always on the look out for!

    A great festival does not need to be overpriced or flamboyant. CINE ANIMAL is a festival I recommend filmmakers to check out, and especially so if your films are aligned and can help with their cause!

    December 2019
    Response from festival:

    Hi Kew Lin, thank you so much for your words!

    It was a real honor for us to have such an authentic, original and fun short film within this year's show at the festival, and at the same time, with such a profound message

    We hope to have new works of yours in the future and, hopefully, with your presence in person, it would be great !!

    We wish you all the best with the projects to come and we send you an affectionate hug from Colombia, See you soon !!