The Central Florida CineFest is an annual international film festival in Orlando Florida offering a platform for several emerging filmmakers to tell their original stories in the hopes of inspiring the audience.

This 2022 in Florida, Central Florida CineFest will transform the Marshall Ellis Theatre to the ultimate film festival dedicated to building up a community of excellent resources for people that want their creative voices heard. CFCF is an outlet that helps a new generation of filmmakers find their voice and share their work with the rest of the world.
We accept submissions from all over the world via FilmFreeway only.
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For 2022

Judges Awards:

7. BEST DIRECTOR (All Categories)
8. BEST SOUND DESIGN (All Categories)
9. BEST ORIGINAL MUSIC (All Categories)

Audience Awards:

12. BEST ACTOR (All Categories)
13. BEST ACTRESS (All Categories)
14. BEST OF ORLANDO (Short Narrative film)

1) We accept films made in 2019 and up.
Films are split into three divisions - Short films: maximum 30 minutes, Short Documentaries: maximum 30 minutes & Feature films: 60 minutes.
Festival accepts secure online screener like vimeo.
2) Entry of a film in multiple categories is allowed but in such cases, it is necessary to pay the entry fee for each category.
3) English subtitle is compulsory for all Non-English films.
4) All movies are downloaded for live screen viewing; we do not share your movies.
5) The movie rated as “Best of each category” will receive trophy. The winners must contact us within 15 days after the notification to get the prize.
6) The winners get the trophy at no cost only if they attend the award event. However, all the winners will be able to receive our official certificate (PDF format) and trophy for a small fee. All the semi-finalist will be notify via email and will be able to get certificates and trophy for a small fee.
7) Entry fees are non-refundable.
8) The decision of jury members will be final and accepted by all. No inquiries or arguments will be entertained. The organizers reserve the right not to award any or all of the prizes.
9) The applicant agrees to have read and accepted the rules & regulations for participation in the Central Florida CineFest.
The applicant confirms that he/she has the requisite authority or has obtained the requisite authority from the producer/right holder to enter this film in the Central Florida Cinefest. Furthermore, an applicant formally declares possession to all rights regarding screening of the film.
Under NO circumstance, the authorities of Central Florida CineFest will not entertain or be answerable to anyone else apart from the applicant.
10) All submissions in personal categories (like “best actor” or “best director”) need the name of the person you are registering to the category. You can send us your submissions with the cover letter. The name must match with the real person who covers the role.
11) While submitting the movie the applicant accepts the sharing of trailer, pictures, and posters of the movie on our social page, website, and other media platforms. If the applicant objects to this, notification by email is necessary.
12) We do not answer questions about the selection, as our judges have the final say over movie selections.
13) We can withdraw the selection or award of any candidate at any time if the above rules are not respected.
14) We do not grant waivers.
15) No premiere requirement.

Overall Rating
  • Ryan Barker

    Terrible Experience. Firstly, out of 30+ festivals held at movie theaters I've been a part of, this was the only one that required a specific style of DCP I did not have. I was emailed multiple times a week telling me I needed to spend money on that DCP package to be able to have my film shown. They gave me an estimate of $100.00 to create this. I reached out multiple times to the festival about showtimes/dates/nominees and NEVER got a response, from any of the emails I was provided. When I bit the bullet and had the DCP done, I was immediately given a $250.00 bill and was told I had to pay it in full or my film would not be shown. The festival has come and gone and I STILL have not heard from anyone other than the DCP company, outside of mass emails sent out telling filmmakers to purchase "AD Packages" as well as the DCP packages. OF course, this all comes after I paid the submission fee.

    January 2022
  • William Freund

    So grateful to have had our film Wildlife in Our Backyard be an official selection for this great festival!
    Organizers where great at communications and a pleasure to deal with!

    December 2021
  • We are very thankful to CineFest for everything they did to make this an incredible experience. They were great at communicating, very organized, and extremely kind. Well done!

    December 2021
  • Yanatha Desouvre

    So grateful you accepted our short film, The Sweetest Girl, and including in it your festival

    December 2021
  • Adam Gascho

    We are very happy to have had Stray Dogs screen at a festival in our Producer's hometown. It was a pleasure, and we are very grateful to have won the Audience Award for Best Feature. Thank you to Enock, Beth, Tora, and Jenn for putting on such a fantastic awards show!

    November 2020