The Bogotá Experimental Film Festival / CineAutopsia open its call for entries for artists to participate with Audiovisual Artworks, that have an experimental development and non-commercial concept. We accept all works that fits into the experimental film category and all its sub genres like found footage, essay film, video dance, video performance, expanded cinema, experimental animation, abstract film, experimental documentary, video art, real virtuality, direct animation or any other alike.

Best CineAutopsia Experimental Audiovisual Artwork (international and colombian)

The festival is looking for audiovisual artworks with authentic, inventive and poetic inclinations, which push to the limit all languages, adapt new and old technologies (and even create new ones) and generate sublime artistic experiences. If you want to participate:

*For competition the artwork should be finished between January 2016 and December 2017.
*Independent artists, production companies or collectives from any age and nationality can participate. Outline in the entry form if the participant is under age (< 18 years old), in that case a responsible adult must sign the entry form and authorize the festival for screening the artwork.
*There is no time limit! the artwork can be a short film, feature film, middle lenght film, very long film.
*The festival focuses in virtual reality, video-art, Audiovisual Installations, expanded cinema. The festival encourage art pieces with innovative ways for reproduction (screening) and will support the production conditions but will not assumed all the costs.
You can submit all kind of formats like celluloid, video or any other audiovisual support.
*Please do not submit the same artwork as in previous call for entries of the Bogota Experimental Film Festival CineAutopsia. This art piece will be rejected.
*The submitted artworks must have Spanish subtitles or be dubbed in Spanish. If you do not have subtitles we offer this service, please contact us
*If your work is already online in any platform without password, we may programm it for panorama section but not for competition.
*If you are selected, you must provide the festival a high quality copy of your work.

*CineAutopsia will not send back any material provide for screening or complementary print staff. In case you send physical material to our post address, it should come with a print entry form of the submission.
*The submission of your artwork does not mean you will participate in CineAutopsia 2017
*CineAutopsia does not accept audiovisual artworks that has a commercial concept.
*CineAutopsia accepts only one piece per application. One artist can participate with more than one audiovisual piece, the submission should be done separately.
*CineAutopsia will not be responsible for film's content regarding copyrights or operating license. It will be responsibility of the person signing up the entry form any legal implication or copyright violation.
*By accepting these conditions certify that you own the projection rights and authorize CineAutopsia to screen your work on a non-exclusive basis, during and after the festival (indefinitely), as long as CineAutopsia give written notice to the contact person of the events, in which the artwork will participate.
*By accepting these conditions you allow the festival and its organizers to use the information provided to a database with communicative and informative purposes. The information will be protected as national and international laws required.

Overall Rating
  • Jimena Muhlia

    unfortunately I could not go to the festival, but I saw all the events and I found it very interesting.

    June 2018
  • Carlos Ormeño Palma

    Es un muy buen festival con una propuesta interesante que da la oportunidad a cortometrajes con perspectivas diferentes sobre la vida.

    May 2018
  • A very interesting and unique festival I was proud to be a part of. Very highly recommended!

    May 2018
  • Etienne Laberge

    I was honored to have my short film « Sueur de Sang » (aka Parapraxis) screened at the festival this year. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend but communication was excellent and so was the selection.

    May 2018
  • Muriel Paraboni

    Truly glad and excited to have the art/experimental short film "Eventide" selected to the Latin America Panorama at Bogotá Experimental Film Festival. Unfortunately coudn´t attent to the event, but communication was good and fast and the selection of films seemed really diverse and qualified, an honour to he part of this festival along with so many great filmmakers and artists. Thanks to all the team, wish to be there in Bogotá for the next editions, cheers!!

    May 2018