BOGOTA EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL is a Colombian platform for education, creation and exhibition of audiovisual artworks that are focused on narrative, technical and conceptual experimentation. The festival welcomes artworks and artists that transcend the aesthetics, technical, and semiotic boundaries and break the dominant and standardized discourse.

We believe that experimental cinema is a free, radical and purposeful cinema that responds to the aesthetic, political or philosophical need to see and explore cinematic horizons, away from large industries and hegemonic formulas of creation. It is through experimental cinema that we find authentic ways to create audiovisual art.
We accept all works that fits into the experimental film category and all its sub genres like found footage, essay film, video dance, video performance, expanded cinema, experimental animation, abstract film, experimental documentary, video art, virtual reality, 360° inmersive cinema, direct animation or any other alike.

The Bogotá Experimental Film Festival opens its international call to artists with an expanded vision of audiovisual art to submit their experimental artworks to be screened in the next edition of the festival. Any film with no limitation of format, length, material, technique or resource of expression is welcome to apply.

The eighth o 8th version of The Experimental Film Festival will be held in Bogotá this August 2022 with the most outstanding audiovisual artworks submitted. A specialized jury will grant awards to those pieces with the most visible and purposeful experimentation.

Exceptional Experimental Films in categories: Other Latitudes (international), Latin-american and Colombian.

The festival is looking for audiovisual artworks with authentic, inventive and poetic inclinations, which push to the limit all languages, adapt new and old technologies (and even create new ones) and generate sublime artistic experiences. If you want to participate:

*The artworks (films) should be finished between January 2020 and April 2022.
*Independent artists, production companies or collectives from any age and nationality can participate. If the participant is under age (< 18 years old), a responsible adult must submit the artwork and authorize the festival for screening.
*There is no time limit! the artwork can be a short film, feature film, middle length film, very long film.
*The festival encourage art pieces with innovative ways for reproduction (screening) such as video-art, audiovisual Installations, virtual reality or expanded cinema and will support the production conditions but will not assume all the costs.
*You can submit all kind of formats like celluloid, video or any other audiovisual support.
*Please do not submit the same artwork as in previous call for entries of the Bogotá Experimental Film Festival. This art piece will be rejected.
*The submitted artworks must have Spanish subtitles or be dubbed in Spanish. If you do not have subtitles we offer this service, please contact us
*If your work is already public online in any platform without password, we may programm it for panorama section but not for competition.
*If your film is selected, you must provide a high quality copy of your work to the festival.


*All submitted artworks will have its visualization and classification process. The curatorial team of the festival will be in charge of making the Official Selection of the Festival and according to its criteria the team reserves its right to choose or reject any submitted artwork.
*The Festival does not accept audiovisual artworks that have a commercial purpose or concept.
*The Festival accepts only one piece per application. One artist can participate with more than one audiovisual piece, the submission should be done separately.
*The Festival will not be responsible for film's content regarding copyrights or operating license. It will be the responsibility of the person signing up the submission for any legal implication or copyright violation.
*By accepting these conditions certify that you own the projection rights and authorize the Bogotá Experimental Film Festival to screen your work on a non-exclusive basis, during and after the festival (indefinitely), as long as the Festival give written notice to the contact person of the events, in which the artwork will participate.
*By accepting these conditions you allow the festival and its organizers to use the information provided to a database with communicative and informative purposes. The information will be protected as national and international laws required.

Overall Rating
  • Alfonso Pretelt

    The best festival from Colombia

    April 2022
  • Excellent festival with an amazing selection of experimental films!

    October 2021
  • Frank Kyazze

    AmAzing festival with a great selection of films. I was able to attend this event in person and I must say that the city of Bogota is beautiful and the art scene is lively. I hope to attend again next year!

    October 2021
  • Sam Luk

    Thank you so much for including my film in your festival. I saw other selected works and was profoundly moved by a few. I also learned a lot as a filmmaker. Thank you for everything!

    September 2021
  • Great professional commitment to show a rich selection of experimental works from all around the world!

    September 2021