More and more murals are created in cities all around the globe. Yet street art is seen more often on instagram than in real life. Film and photography play a major role in the career development of graffiti writers, street artist and muralist. Walls don’t get painted if they won’t result in a great image. In addition to the fast footage via social media, a growing number of (documentary) film makers portray the world behind the murals, its creators and their social impact. Blind Walls Film Fest presents these films to artists, urban developers and general enthusiasts with the aim of disarming prejudices.

The 2023 edition of Blind Walls Film Fest will be held on December 8-10 in the Chassé Theater in Breda (NL). Next to film screenings we present talks, Q&A and workshops.

Blind Walls Film Fest is organized by Blind Walls Gallery in collaboration with Chassé Theater and supported by the municipality of Breda, Mondriaan Fund and PictorightFund.

Awards & prizes will soon be announced.

Which works can compete?
All audiovisual works related to Street Art produced "frame by frame", regardless of the technique, and produced for cinema, television and any other distribution platform, completed after January 1, 2017 and submitted for the first time to the Blind Walls Film Fest, will be accepted. To compete, entries must be submitted by October 6th, 2023. We accept short films, feature films (made for cinema or television and lasting more than 50 min), documentaries and animated film.

Technical characteristics of audiovisual works
a) for selection
Films must be submitted by indicating a web address (URL) in the registration form. Only streaming video films will be considered. Password-protected URL links must be downloadable and active until November 30, 2023. N.B.: for the selection, non-Dutch and non-English speaking films must be subtitled in English. We may consider unfinished films (Work in Progress) provided that they are sufficiently advanced to be judged, and that the applicant undertakes to complete them by December 1, 2023. In this case, please note clearly in the title and at the beginning of the film that it is a WIP. If you wish to replace the film by a more recent version, please contact the programming team.

b) for official selection screenings
The applicant (director, producer or distributor) undertakes to provide the presentation copy before December 1, 2023. The selected films will be presented in MP4 or MOV formats. They can be provided only digitally by FTP-upload or WeTransfer.

Online registration
The submission of films can be done online.
A registration fee of five euros (plus platform fees) is required. Only online registration forms from the above-mentioned platforms, duly completed and received before the announced deadline, will be taken into consideration.

The selection is made under the direction of the artistic programming team. It will lead to the programming of works in official selection in the categories feature films, short films, animated films, documentaries, Time Lapse, animated GIF.

The list of selected films will be available online. For the selected films, we will inform the applicant by email and will request the necessary material for publications and screenings.

We assume the subtitling of the non-Dutch and non-English spoken works presented in competition. Films with dialogues may be presented in the original version if they are subtitled in English.

Invitations / Accreditations
The invitation and/or accreditation forms will be sent with the notification of the selection results.

The management appoints an international jury of up to three members for each category. The juries reserve the right not to award prizes, but may under no circumstances award prizes not mentioned below.

Television and internet broadcasting
By accepting these rules, you authorize Blind Walls Film Fest, free of charge and for a period of one year (from the announcement of the selection), to reproduce and broadcast on television channels and websites, an extract of the films selected as part of the Blind Walls Film Fest. These excerpts may not exceed 10% of the total length of the film and will be limited to 3 minutes for feature films. They will only be used for the promotion in TV or web programs, interviews or reports.

The applicant declares that he is the actual author or the entitled party of the work(s) registered, and as such is the owner of all literary, dramatic and musical property rights. As such, you guarantee Blind Walls Film Fest against any trouble, claims and any legal action concerning the presentation of the film. The data provided at the time of registration will be used in various bilingual publications and may be subject to translation, correction or modification prior to publication. The mere participation of each candidate in the official selection confers on the organizers the right, free of charge, to present the complete work at public screenings, for non-commercial purposes, within the framework of the screenings organized during the Blind Walls Film Fest and the uses granted under the present regulations.

Promotional material and original works
All available publicity material (posters, brochures, etc.) as well as a selection of original documents used in the making of the film (storyboard, sketches, sets, cellulos, etc.) are welcome. They can either be returned to the producers at their expense, or deposited at Blind Walls Film Fest.

Election of jurisdiction
Participation in the Blind Walls Film Fest implies unreserved acceptance of the terms of the present regulations. In the event of a dispute as to the meaning of these rules, the courts of the organizer's headquarters shall have sole jurisdiction, the Dutch version being the authentic version.

Unexpected cases
The management of Blind Walls Gallery and Chassé Theater is in charge of settling cases not provided for in the present regulations.